Monday, June 12, 2017

My Paris

Another Paris experience has come and gone. Not sure how that happened.

There is such an energy here. People from all over the world. Couples making out on every corner. Historic building after historic building. But my favorite thing about Paris by far is the Seine.

Last night I had a 4.5 hour dinner with my host mom. I didn't know I could sit still for that long. She gave me one of her dresses too. It was so cute. It is the one in the picture below. She sure is an opinionated women and has some interesting view points on all things Mormon. I didn't have the vocabulary to fully communicate like I wanted to, but as I sat there I realized I could understand her. I just listened to her ramble on about politics, religion, and her past in another language, and I understood her. Completely. It was a very authentic French experience, and I will cherish that time.

Today we finished our last day of archive research at the National Archives and found the will we had been looking for. Then we headed out for some cultural goodness. Marie and I stopped for lunch at my favorite crepe place in the city. We told boy stories and laughed and relished in everything we have accomplished up this point. It's our 20th hotel and I've lost count of how many cities we have visited. It's been a journey with some hard moments, but mostly full of miracles and lifetime memories.

It is weird how familiar Paris feels to me. It is a happy feeling to be so comfortable there. To feel confident walking around the streets. I found a swimsuit, I spent some time taking in the city on the Seine, and I had my moment with the Lily Pad paintings by Claude Monet. Impressionism just speaks to me and I love his work.

We ended the day by going to Family Home Evening for the Singles here in Paris. They are so nice! We had a blast and played Mafia with them. We left after 2.5 hours, but they were still all there hanging out with each other. It blew my mind. That never happens in Utah. They really need each other here--30 YSA in a city of millions of people. Mind blowing.

I am sad to leave Paris. I will be back for a day before I fly home for the final time. I don't know why I love this city so much. Maybe because it has helped me to grow. Whatever it is, it's there.


  1. I think your mother and I will start referring to you as Global Girl!!

  2. This is an awesome experience. I hope you were able enjoy some great memories from the last few days. You look great in the dress.