Monday, May 15, 2017

When I think of Madrid, I think of Music

Madrid was a city full of energy, wide streets, beautiful buildings, but most of all MUSIC.

Every plaza, every open space was filled with music and massive groups of people huddled around the entertainment. It was suprising how much it was apart of the streets, but hey I am not complaining. I thought it was so fun, I even got suckered into giving an accordian player a few euros. Granted he came up to me with his big eyes and his hand out, so I couldn't refuse, but he deserved it.

We ate lunch outside in a big plaza surrounded by tall, majestic buildings. It's one of those moments where we all paused to appreciate that we were in Madrid.

We also got to see the temple. I ran into my FHE sister Ann from BYU...SMALL WORLD! The temple was really beautiful and the architecture was so different from the France temple. I love how they purposefully try to capture the culture of the city.

Then, we walked around the city, shopped til we dropped. Got the coolest jeans with floral will come soon. Primark was a culture experience in itself. I HAVE NEVER SEEN SO MANY PEOPLE IN A STORE. It kicked black friday's butt. Everyone was grabbing clothes off the shelf, and it was so many floors, with lighted screens, music, and I was just taking in being consumed by what felt like a million Spaniards.

Inside of Zara

Primark for the win

This is the European outfit that we picked out for Evan.

I felt like the coolest personal shopper. He got the pants, the shirt and went all European and got a scarf!

This building had a huge sign up that said, "Refugee's Welcome!"

From one moment...

To the next...BAM!

After walking around to the famous parks, and plaza's, we went to the best one of them all.

The Plaza Mejour. 

Day time

I was mistaken for a French woman...which was also why I was on a high. They didn't think I was did that happen. Not sure. But I'm holding that experience near and dear to my heart.

Night time
Also, there was a flamino spanish concert going on in the Plaza that was amazing. They were celebrating San Isidro day. Classic Spanish moment. The lead singer was in a red dress and singing to her hearts content. I absolutely loved it. We were doing our little latin moves, but were realizing out whiteness and a couple was dancing and making out to my right and to my left. I knew I was in Europe. 

We ended the night getting tapas (they are like little meals) at the bars around town. You just get to try different small meals all over the place, so that is kinda fun. Some were better than others, but I enjoyed the experience for the most part.

Thanks for the good day, Madrid!

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