Tuesday, May 16, 2017

What I do on the daily...

Today, I thought I would show you the little things we do every day. Instead of the grandious extravagent adventures I go on. It was all inspired by this picture taken of me....

You see, sometimes we stay up late writing reports, reading books (or writing on this blog or talking to people back home) and then sometimes we wake up early to drive to a new city.

In fact, almost every day we pack up this eight passanger van and drive to a new city. And today, we woke up at 6, in a freezing cold hotel room because the window was broken (causing it to stay open all night), load the van and prepare for a 6 hour drive to a little town called Vic outside of Barcelona.

And then...when you finally trust your travel buddies, they snap classic pictures like this. Yes, there have been many of these moments on the trip so far.

Here are the car pictures I have snapped...

Back of the van...middle seat...carsick for dayssss.

Somehow there was a bungy cord in my face and a wheelchair hitting me in the back of my head on the way to church...too funny!

And finally we have learned to make the most out of Evan's head pillow. 

Triple bed hotel life for the win

My daily camera postion. Carrying everyone's things for the cuteness factor. Also, the white shirt seen in the photo is an undershirt, I promise...just in case anyone was worried. 

And today, I had one of the best car moments I have had the entire trip. When I was about 12 years old, I discovered the song "Barcelona" by Queen and have secretly (or not so secretly) been obsessed with it for years. It is just the most unique rock opera song you will ever find. And then...I had the chance to listen to it driving to Barcelona. We BLASTED it through the car. All of us singing outloud. Opera and all. My professor with a interested smile on his face. It was like this weird dream come true. It was a happy moment. 

We also listened to the new Barcelona song by Ed Sheeran. And guess which song my Professor liked best? The Ed Sheeran song...somehow he is the one that doesn't appreciate good culture???

We arrived in Vic, unloaded the van that has become my other half, and headed to the archive. Which turned out to be the sickest archive ever. We were in our own personal room with ancient books all around us, reading LATIN! I read Latin for four hours straight today and learned so much. My mind was invigorated, yet terrified. It felt like I was taking a math final or something. It was a very fulfilling day though. 

How cool is this room?

So crazy. Whoever the priest was drew a hand to point at the important information. Latin for the win. 

But anyways, hope this post brings some laughter. Hotel life for the win.

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