Saturday, May 6, 2017

The City of Bayonne

And another day has somehow come and gone. What the heck? This morning we went inside the Saint Andre Cathedral in Bordeaux. It was massive and so much more open than most cathedrals I have been in. It was fun because on the way, I spotted the "You are Special" book by Max Lucado in French and had to buy it! And then I just was in my little Catholic element.

It's time to confess my confession with crosses.

Look at this organ? is MASSIVE!

When I saw this single candle, it made me wonder about the power of a single prayer. It's something to think about, because I don't know about you, but I feel like it's power is beyond what we can comprehend.

Anyways, on that note, we traveled to Bayonne. It is a town about 30 minutes from Spain. It is part of the Basque area and has a different vibe then most of the French towns I have been in.

Since I usually only post the cute ones, I thought I would throw in some hilarious accidental pictures. It truly does show more of the story.

Climbing on these walls is a scary challenge. You will understand better later in the post.

Below are all the windy fail pictures:

And just in case you were worried...we got one good one.

Then, we went wondering around Bayonne and I found the chocolate ├ęclair of my dreams. It even had flecks of gold on the top...the taste was one of those once in a lifetime flavors.

It just cracks me up that you can see the surprise and satisfaction in my face. I just love it!

Then, we met up with my Professor and his wife to celebrate his 67th birthday with some crepes.

The Argoat: mushrooms, tomatoes, tomatoes sauce, onions, and a green salad on top of my savory crepe.

Marie Gargnot: Chocolate, whipcream, icecream, and banana. You can tell my diet is pretty healthy??

Then, we presented the beret we bought our professor to him for his birthday. It matched his outfit perfectly. He and his wife are some amazing people.

Highlight of the night was when one of my jokes was so unexpected that the boy in our group almost spit out his water and everyone was in tears. My professor's wife had no idea I was so funny...she said that. I am writing that down so I can prove that someone thinks I am funny!

And then of course you can't end the night without taking a classic bridge picture. But I was too scared to jump on the bridge and fall to my death so I have some epic fail pictures. Hopefully, this helps you laugh along with me.

Couldn't get up...

And then I couldn't stop laughing...

Then I had to get up again and straddle the bridge awkwardly...

The three amigos: Marie, Sariah and me.

And then I ended the night slowly getting down from the bridge...I hope the Bayonne Bridge truly felt my love.

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