Friday, May 5, 2017

From Le Mans to La Copechagniere to La Rochelle to Bordeaux

Alright, if I learn anything on this trip it will be how to comfortably drive in a 8 person van full of 8 peoples luggage and stay in hotels. In the week I have been here I have already stayed at 5 hotels...and I still have 5 weeks left. So let me tell you about my adventures from Le Mans to La Copechagniere to La Rochelle to Bordeaux.

First, we said goodbye to our cute little Gite:

That blue door though...

Then, we drove to the middle of no where...La Copechagniere, France to see the town where a man I researched Vincent Vachon and his family lived in the early 1600's. IT WAS WILD. So small. It took us days to get there it felt like because we got lost so many times.

The spot he is known to have lived 400 years ago.

There is a road named after his son Paul Vachon and a plaque with his name on it in the town. It was really surreal actually to be in the same town.

I'm glad I got to try to imagine the life of a family in real life. It just puts all of my family history work into perspective.

Then, we drove on to La Rochelle, which was a big protestant (Huguenot) stronghold in France. It is known for the "Vieux Port" or "Old Port." We got in at midnight on Wednesday, so we went to bed and in the morning toured the port.

By noon, we started driving to Bordeaux. Lots of towns. Out of breath just trying to keep track of all the traveling. Getting my workout carrying me some luggage. We ate a wonderful meal where I ate a yummy salad and a DELICOUS chocolate mousse. I wanted to die. There is something about mousse that seriously elevates your mood.

Next stop, we got to adventure around the town...which is my favorite part. We began at a French bookstore and I couldn't stop thinking of my mom the entire time because that's her favorite place. It was so magical and quant. I bought a book about insects from 1884 because the cover is SO COOL and old looking. If you were a historian, you would understand.

How dreamy, right?

Saint Andre Cathedral of Bordeaux

Pont Piere

I actually really loved this city. It was very French to me. Beautiful bridges. Big plazas with churches everywhere and delicate buildings. I feel like I am starting to relax and enjoy adventuring again. It is fun to take part in a new culture and just take in what it has to offer. Exploring is a blessing.

I will be on to a new city tomorrow. Until then, bonsoir.

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