Sunday, April 30, 2017

My Paris Shirt is Back

Spending the last two days in Paris has been very full-circle for me. I realized how young I really was as an 18-year-old in a strange country. This time everything just seems to make sense and fit together in my head so much better. It's been an "AHA" moment.

Yesterday we went to the Louvre, Tuileries Garden, Arc de Triomphe, the Madeline, and walked along the Seine River. It was a full day of seeing things I had already seen, yet feeling things I had never felt before. 

Greek Art. You never hear about it, but it needs to be appreciated

People watching at the Mona Lisa is better than the actual painting.

The Louvre and the Tuileries

The Madeline and the view of the Street.

I've been to a lot of Catholic churches, but I have never been brave enough to light a candle and give an offering. I thought, why not? A prayer is a prayer. I was so nervous trying to count up my change to make up a euro, and then place it in the right slot so I could take out the candle. Pretty sure I almost lit my sleeve on fire. But then I stepped back and took a moment to tell God all the things I loved about him and I was really grateful that I was given a special moment to pray and reflect. I probably wouldn't have on my own.  I was surprised by the feeling of community that washed over me while looking at everyone's candles and everyone's light. I was a part of that. We were all seeking God. That is a special thing. 

My first candle

Today was spent all around the Notre Dame. I wanted to climb to the top because it is my favorite view of Paris. When you are at the top, you just feel like you are breathing in Paris. It felt good to breathe it in again. I also gained a new appreciation for the cultural melting pot that is Paris. All around me I could hear Chinese, Italian, Spanish, French and, of course, English. 

Everyone looks so chic and stylish. It is killing me. They don't even wear make up and they are just rocking their style. One day maybe I will be able to master it. 

The best part of the day was jut being able to wander. 

On top of the Notre Dame

My candle obsession

The Siene. 

Side note: I bought this sweater four years ago in Paris and today it got to have another day in the sun. Happy to bring it back to it's home. 

Watching the children play at the Luxembourg Garden.

It really was an adventure of a day, and it felt so good to be back. 

Tommorrow  head out on my internship, where the real learning and adventure will begin. 

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