Friday, April 28, 2017

I'm back...

Hey friends, family and maybe even some strangers...

Somehow, I found myself waking up in Versailles, France this morning. Weird. It's weird because coming back for a second time, it all seems familiar.

In fact, the only time I really ever blogged was on my last trip to France. And I just can't help feeling like, how did I get here again? And it was a whole lot better of a first day than my last first day. There were no feelings of fear, wanting to hide in a hole, and confusion added on to my jetlag. Can anyone yell blessing??

But enough of me babbling...I arrived in Paris yesterday around 11 with my Professor and his wife, who might be winning me over as the cutest couple...

She sat on his lap the entire tour.

There they are...melting my heart away

If you are not convinced, just wait…in the next six weeks, I will get you.

I was so ready to put all my stuff done by the time we got to the hotel. We freshened up, put on our dresses and headed to the Paris Temple Open House. I didn’t know what I was expecting, but thinking back on it now, it wasn’t the architecture alone that astounded me. It was the people.
Inside, the stain glass totally knocks your socks off. C’est tres belle et magnifique. My tour group had about 15 -20 people in it. A French family had come to pick us up from the airport and went through the open house with us. They had three girls, and the little girl, who was 6 spoke such fast French…she was the only one I had no idea what she was saying to me.

But the real kicker…you can take the tour in English or French. We went for the authentic experience and so there was 6 ACTUAL FRENCH PEOPLE who came just to see what the temple was like. One of the ladies started asked me…”Vous etes une Mormon?” (You are a Mormon?) I said, “Oui, et toi?” (Yes, and you?) Then she explained to me that she was in fact a Catholic from Versailles that had heard about this building going up and was curious what was inside. I couldn't believe it. They were all so respectful and asking questions politely. The tour guides bore testimony over and over of the family and told of their experiences getting sealed in the temple. I just knew God was smiling and that's what made me smile. 

They all came out and filled out thier information to either get more information about the church or to have the missionaries come by. The same lady I spoke with told us that she always thought that the LDS church was only an American church, but after seeing the temple, she learned that something about it was French too. 

And even though I learned that the bottom floor of the temple the stain glass has closed flowers, and the more you go up and up in the temple, they become more and more open, symblozing growth, the most important thing I witnessed yesterday was the coming together of cultures and religions. 

After that it was really all a blur, but I did eat a salmon burger for dinner…and a pain au chocolat for breakfast (why is the food so much better?). I am really excited though to learn here for the next six weeks. I have understood and spoken more French in one day, than it feels like I did the whole time I was in France last time, so I am excited to see where this goes.

Au revoir! A demain!

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  1. Hi Tatum! I'm a level three stranger who will read your France adventures (I'm your mom's teaching partner and I've met you at least once).

    Viva la bonheur!