Monday, May 26, 2014


There have been a few thoughts on my mind, that I've been pondering.
How have I used the atonement in my life? How do I want to use it on
my mission? How do I tap into that power and trust in God? But most
importantly, how do I find happiness?

It hit me really hard what you guys have been trying to teach me. I've
always tried to be strong enough on my own and as good as I can, so I
don't have to repent. Well, so much for that. That equals miserable
and never good enough syndrome. Finally, I realized that repentance
doesn't mean you are a bad person, or that you failed. It means that
we love our Father in Heaven and we want to let him help us. He gave
his Son, Jesus Christ so that we could be HAPPY! Not so that we would
have to feel bad all the time when we didn't do it perfectly. Ah, am I
making sense? It's so easy to judge yourself in that of the world, but
hello, every time we repent, we are just refocusing on God and
thanking him for sending his Son.
Every night in my prayers, I account to The Lord what I did that day,
and ask him to make my efforts better than I could have on my own.
It's helped me feel calm about the work here. And I've become obsessed
with the teachings of Jesus Christ. I watch the bible videos about him
every day now, and just love what he said. Ah, it's all about peace,
love and hope! It's so easy to get caught up In everything else.
He truly is the center of our message, our advocate to the Father, and
someone who has felt what I feel. It's okay to have weaknesses, and we
won't conquer them everyday. I wish, but we just need to get back up
and use the atonement to comfort us, and let it say to our souls,
"It's okay!"
And you know what, Heavenly Father answers prayers. In little ways, in
big ways, in some way and some time. We just have to have faith that
he will. It's so easy to say, well, if he answers me, than I will have
faith that He is there for me. Nope, you have to believe that He will
first! Trust that your prayers will be answers. Give your heart to
it. And it is after that, that your prayers will be answered. Just
like in Ether 12:6, "And now, I, Moroni, would speak somewhat
concerning these things; I would show unto the world that faith is
things which are hoped for and not seen; wherefore, dispute not
because ye see not, for ye receive no witness until after the trial of
your faith." HAVE FAITH. HAVE FAITH AND HAVE FAITH. What have you got
to lose, nothing! You know why, because I promise you, all of you,
that God is there and he cares. He cares how you feel, and he wants to
help you. He's just waiting for you to ask, and open your eyes to see
the answer.
So, family, I have a challenge for all of you this week. Start
tonight. Each write done one question that you have. One prayer you
NEED answered. Every day, read the scriptures like you do, and pray
specifically to get an answer to that prayer. Individually and with
the family. Make it a big goal. Now, find a time when you can all go
and do baptisms together. Make a deal with The Lord, that is you work
hard this week that will receive an answer this week, and feel of His
love in His house. I promise you guys will see an answer to each one
of your questions. Okay, it's going to take work, but BELIEVE! Don't
let anything get you down or doubt. He knows you personally, He loves
you more than we can comprehend and the best part of it all, is He is
smiling down on you CHEERING you on. Giving you a big bear hug. He's
already blessed us with the knowledge of the gospel, we just got to
use it!
And I want to hear how it goes. I can read about it every night. Let
me know what you think.
Also, a cool experience this week, we helped a nonmember girl make all
of this Hawaiian food for an end of the year party. She grew up in
Honolulu, and is very spiritual and active in her church, but this
lady in my ward is determined that she will accept the gospel. She has
been working on her for 7 years, and she has called President Andersen
twice to keep me in huge area because we have the Hawaiian connection
ha ha. She never lets us in, or anything though. This was big headway,
I made Musubi with her and fried rice. We talked about Hawaii and I
was able to talk about my mission and how it works. Then, afterwords,
we got to say thank you and she invited us in her house and just
talked to us. She told us about how you have to faith that the Bible
is the word of God, and I was just pleading for the Spirit to help me
bear testimony of the Book of Mormon. She was shuffling around
cleaning things at the same time.. I didn't know how to work it in or
what, and next thing I know I was relating that at the end of the day,
I just have to have faith that the Book of Mormon is another testament
of Jesus Christ. She stopped cleaning and stood and looked me straight
in the face. I kept on going about how I knew it was true, and the
experiences I have had with it. Then, it was time for us to run to out
next appointment. When, I said we had to go, it cut the air, she
looked startled, caught up in the Spirit in the air. SHE FELT IT TOO!
I know she did. I didn't realize it was there so strongly, until I
said we had to go. I walked out of there, so humbled and grateful for
the Spirit! It works wonders!
Gosh, long email huh? I had a lot to tell you all this week. I will
reply to all the fun stuff you sent me this week too, next!!
(Ether 12:6)

Alicia Ferrucci

James and Alicia saving the day

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