Friday, June 12, 2015

I Have Southern Heritage!!!!

So, this week was a definite relief and turn of a new leaf for me. 

know why? 

Because of family history, oddly enough. Just go with me on this one. 

So, my companion was telling me on Tuesday about
one of her converts, and his name is Clem Rogers. I stopped her and
said, Clem Rogers?? That's my grandpa's name? Seriously, that's a
family name. 

Then, of course I had to show her on family
And I had this thought . . . what if I am somehow related to someone in
the south? I started clicking back on his line, going back, and
back, and then my whole life changed. 

IN FRANKLIN TENNESSEE!!! I have Southern heritage, are you serious?? 

was shocked. I had no idea, that some of my family lived in Tennessee.
And not only that, but the same town I have been living in for 7.5
months, also right next to Thompson Station, the town I lived in for 4.5 months.
Which is where I have spent most of my mission. I have so much darn
SOUTHERN pride. Oddly, it pumped me up and I wanted to know everything
about everything, which led me to figure out I also have Puritan

I am Southern and Puritan. Now, that's what I am talking

Oh my, and then my mission came full circle. The missionary that I
trained when she first came out, is now serving in my Zone, and so I
got to go on my last mission exchange with her. My very own mission

We were companions over a year ago, which is weird to me,
and she took me around her area. It was so fun to teach with her
again, and talk about old times. Great closure
experience. I am sure grateful that I got to see how much she had

It's been cool too, there were lots of little fun service and miracles we had this week. And then, Friday, we talked to my favorite
family of all time, that has been struggling a little bit and got to
have a spiritual talk with them. They accepted a blessing, and even surprised me and came to
church on Sunday. I wanted to drop to my knees and praise the Lord! It
was so awesome! Ah, I really have learned the last few weeks that I
can't do anything when it comes to missionary work. But the Lord can.
So I am just praying and trying to give up control to God. After what seems like a lifetime of patiently waiting, He always comes

Humility is my life, but my joy is sure full. 

My last highlight of the week, was getting invited to a Baptist
singing fundraiser this Friday. It was in a small little church, and
we stuck out like sore thumbs, with our missionary attire, but also,
because we were the only white folk in there, but it didn't matter
once the music started playing. Oh, they had so much soul, and love
for Jesus Christ. I had to contain myself from getting so into it.
There voices are so powerful, oh, I just felt such an immense love for
them. God loves them so much, it was such an overwhelming feeling to
me. And I again felt so much pride for living in the South with these
good-hearted people. They sang songs like, "I Can't Thank Him
Enough." And "It's in my Heart to Serve the Lord." And this cute old
jazzy man, sang his heart out to "Lord, Do THIS FOR Me!" The crowd was
going wild. I walked out of there so uplifted--so happy to see people
so excited about our Savior, Jesus Christ. 

I can't wait until heaven,
where we can all come together and really bring everyone's talents
together and praise our God. That will be a blessed day. 

I bore my last testimony as a missionary this Sunday, and emotions are
running high. God has taught me some interesting and hard lessons this
transfer, but I am starting to see why I needed to learn them, and
I am grateful. Franklin has treated me well, and I feel like I can
pretend to claim it now, because some of my family did live here about
200 years ago. 

Ah, the gospel of Jesus Christ is true, and is
something we need to get excited about. We are blessed. The gospel is
now restored, and I don't know what I would do without it. Ah, I'm
going to miss this. 

I sure hope I can make this last week count! 

 Love Sister Frampton

Tim Johnson

Sarah and Susan


Sister Kohler

Katie Bennett

Thompson Station Goodbye Dinner with the Robertsons, Andersons, and Millers

Sister Angie Miller

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