Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The ROCKIN' end of the mission ROLLERCOASTER

Well, well, well, this week was a busy one. And an emotional one. Golly, I am so happy to stay in Franklin. It sure is where I need to be, but it is crazy how fast time is flying. Tuesday was transfers, and I have a new companion. Her name is Sister Kohler and she is a great missionary. I sure will not have to worry leaving the area in her hands, which is a plus.

Sister Paige Kohler and Susan Ross

But ya know how when it rains, it pours? That's kinda how it felt this week. I was running around, trying to remember everything and everyone we needed to call. Trying to make my way around Franklin and show her the ropes. And then we found out we were moving apartments, and I thought, we don't got time for that. But hey, we made time for that.
And then . . . I GOT CHIGGERS in my leg! Fear entered my heart so fast when I figured out what it was, oh golly. They are little bugs that live in tall grass, and they dig into your skin and anyways....its so sketchy. I felt invaded...darn Chiggers. I don't even know how I got them. But, I guess I couldn't leave Tennessee without experiencing everything about it right? 

Look away!

So, it was a lot, and then the whole this-is-my-last-transfer jazz, is making me sad. So many emotions bundled into one. How did this happen? Where did the time even go? I haven't learned enough yet. And then you wonder, what the Lords plan is, for the last little bit. And oh my, its just a mess. And I figured since I have been honest about my mission roller coaster of emotions, I thought I would be honest about the ROCKIN roller coaster I just got on. And it is speedy . . . too speedy. If you know of any slow roller coasters let me know, alright?
But on the plus side, I got to do some fun service this week, planting a garden and moving some beds around. I got to teach some of my dear recent converts and to hear them talk about the Spirit and the experiences they are having are just too good. And ya know what, being a new convert to the church is so hard. These people are changing their whole life for the church. I really admire all those, that take the leap of faith to change. Ah, they are so much braver than me.
All of the recent converts showed up to church on the same day, which was such a blessing, because usually something comes up for one of them. WHAT a comforting feeling! They are all where they should be, phew. And it was fun talking to my family. Wyatt and Garrett look so mature, and so wise, I cannot even believe it. WHAT THE HECK!!! And mom and dad, you look so good and happy. Grandma Frampton and Sheila, you two were the icing on top. Thanks for coming to support me.
It was a good mothers day, and I got to eat dinner with one of my favorite people, who has taken care of me here in Franklin, along with finish the night with Tim and Ali, who sung you a Mothers day song, mom, so I hope you enjoy it.

It's been a really neat thing though, because I feel very peaceful, even with all of the stress that I have been under, and there is still lot to come. But I know the Lord has a plan, truly he does. And I shouldn't be complaining at all, cause hey, He gave me a year and a half, what more can I ask for? 

The scriptures have been a real source of strength to me too, its a real testimony that we can find solace there. ALWAYS. The words of God always outweigh the words of man.
And thanks to all of you mothers out there, that have helped me and supported me. It means the world to me. Especially my mom, I LOVE YOU!
Love, Sister Frampton
Also, congrats to Rachel Christensen for getting your mission call you will be great!! LOVE YOU
And Desi, I heard you turned in your papers, I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!! you will be an awesome missionary.

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