Monday, May 25, 2015

Tender Mercies

Well, golly, this week is one for the books. Maybe not in such a good way, but it definitely tried and tested me. Right from the start of the week, everything started falling through and not going as planned. I was just trying to be tough. I kept thinking this is all going to be okay, it is going to be fine. All is well in Franklin. Nothing to worry about, because if I let myself think about all the opposition pouring in on me, I would lose it.

Some recent converts are going through some rough trials and situations. Ah, golly, it's hard to watch other people struggle and question. I am sure it is like being a mom, and watching your kids struggle, and if you could only just do it for them. But that's really what threw me over the edge, and ya know, I kinda lost it. Midway through the week I was a complete mess. It was the first time on my mission, I was close to not moving forward.

I've never felt so much like I needed Christ's healing and strength and help in my whole life. Wow, am I making this dramatic or what? But it truly felt like I was stuck. And I knew that there was nothing I could personally do, and that it was only by the power of God and through prayer that I could help the people in my area, and even myself. It was a very humbling moment.

I now realize how much control I have. NONE. And how much control God has. ALL.

It was a hard week to be honest, but you know what? There were so many answers to prayer. Little, "Sister Frampton, I love you" moments from God. Everything that happened truly comforted me in my challenges. For example, I felt like no one was listening and then we went to this less active’s house. The week before we had challenged her to pray about one question she had. We testified that God could answer her prayer before we came over next. So, this week when we went by, she said, "Sisters, I prayed to know specifically if Thomas S. Monson was a prophet of God on the earth today. I wasn't really sure and I didn't think there could really be a prophet like Moses or Noah on the earth today. But I was STUNNED. There was a literal answer that came so fast and said, YES!" The Spirit was so strong when she said that, and I was rejoicing inside. SOMEONE PRAYED FOR HELP!

In the Lord’s timing there is always an answer.

Another tender mercy was when we went to Nyjod's house and she fed us dinner. We sat at the table with her two daughters. One is 6 and one is 4. I said, “hey do you want to hear a joke?” And I told my favorite missionary joke.

Knock knock.
Who's there?
Orange who?
Orange you glad its the missionaries!!!!

This started a whole series of fun jokes. The girls went back and forth, my turn, your turn, with knock knock jokes. It was so fun. I was dying of happiness and laughter. They just had ridiculous ones, but because they were so young, it was so funny. And some were so clever. Like this one, told by the 4 year old:

Knock knock
Who's there?
Book who?
Book of Mormon

Isn't that great? I loved that. And then they got to sweet and said stuff like:

Knock knock
Who's there?
Heart who?
I LOVE YOU Sister Frampton

And my heart sang, Hallelujah! You never really know who just needs to be told they are loved. Gosh, those girls made my whole day.

Sarah and Martha

And then, on Sunday morning I prayed and ask God, for a little bit of love. I was worried and sad about so many people and I just needed a little love. I walked into church and the speaker talked about the love of God. IT WAS SO POWERFUL and I just felt little nudges throughout the day that God loved and cared about me. And that He did have a plan in this. See, the funny thing about being a missionary is that you don't have your mom to call and talk to, or your best friend. When you have a problem, it's kinda like you and God have to work it out together, because He is all that you have. And I guess, for one last time out here in Tennessee, I am truly learning that all you need is God and He is the only one that can truly heal your pains, and sorrows, and afflictions, through His Son, and our Savior Jesus Christ.

Hard times are also a good testimony builder of the scriptures. I read this in the Book of Mormon this week, and I thought, ah this is so my life right now! Ah, it's real. And boy, it brought me so much peace and comfort:

10 Therefore we did pour out our souls in prayer to God, that he would strengthen us and deliver us out of the hands of our enemies, yea, and also give us strength that we might retain our cities, and our lands, and our possessions, for the support of our people.
11 Yea, and it came to pass that the Lord our God did visit us with assurances that he would deliver us; yea, insomuch that he did speak peace to our souls, and did grant unto us great faith, and did cause us that we should hope for our deliverance in him.
It's been such a tender time for me. But it's actually strengthened my testimony of the truths that I know. And when our hearts are humble, and truly open with a desire to know truth, the Lord always makes the truth known unto us. And gives us little assurances on the way, to help us feel comforted through affliction. Oh, how I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. There is no other way to be healed, then by the Savior himself!

And then finally, we got to go to Thompson Station on an exchange for the last time. I got to see Sister Broome and her awesome family. It made my whole day! I hid in the bushes and when Sister Broome came out, I jumped out and the look on her face was priceless. It's always great to have familiar faces around, to make you feel at home. I love my Thompson Station family.

The Broome Family

I love you all so much!!

Love Sister Frampton

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