Saturday, May 9, 2015

Sacred Week

Is there a word greater than miracles, because I think that is what happened this week. I think that is why I am going to call it a sacred week.

We were planning for four baptisms this week, which equals more texting and calling than I ever have done in my whole life. My emotions were up and down, because everyone thought I was getting transferred. I was sad to be leaving Franklin, and my awesome-possum companion and this and that. But we were plugging on, and then this weekend, the Lord helped us ten-fold and I just stood watching with wide eyes. 

Friday night, Katie, who was just baptized 2 weeks ago, went with us to the temple to do baptisms with us for her first time. And guess who just happened to be there? The Thompson Station 2nd Ward youth!!! All my old people! They were there too! My old ward mission leader, and my old Bishop and all these people. TENDER MERCY! And Katie is using Mormon lingo like a champ, I am just shocked. She also finished the Book of Mormon this week...floored! She also got called to be in the Laurels presidency and to be a YCL at girls camp. I told her that it took me my whole life to be in the Laurels Presidency, and your first week as a member, you get to do it. I heard her tell so many girls, "Sister Frampton is so jealous, because it took her years to get to be in the Laurels Presidency, and it only took me a week!" Boy, do I love that girl. 

Brother Rhoads from Thompson Station came up to me and asked me if I could do the baptisms for the family names he brought. It was so special to me. He was getting emotional as he read the names, and just said, "It's hard to read the names of people you know." Man, it was a neat experience. I am very grateful he asked me to do that. And Katie had a blast. She loved how peaceful the temple is. Me too, Katie. Me too!

Saturday (best day of my whole mission) we got to the church by 6:30 to fill up the font and set up the church. Five different people were actually getting baptized, but only four were converts. All of the sudden we had three sets of families coming in, taking pictures, bringing food, yada yada. Time flew faster than I have ever seen. The best part was when Johnny pulled in on his motorcycle for his baptism . . . That's what I'm TALKING ABOUT!!! They all got dressed in white, and the program went right along with the chapel full of people. 

When we went into the font area, Johnny went first. Afterwards he said, "I walked into the water feeling like a thousand pounds, but when I came up out of the water, it was like I was floating. I FELT SO GOOD."

Then, his son Brennan followed, and he said he felt so much better. He was just GLOWING. 

When, Kelley went in we went back behind to help her into the font and such, and across from us, was Johnny and Brennan standing there all wet, waiting to see her be baptized. And as I sat there, I was overwhelmed with the Spirit, holding back tears, thinking, "She is coming unto Christ. The greatest joy in life is this." Going on a mission, is the best decision I ever made. Kelley was in her own world, like she was praying to God the whole time, and when she came out, she couldn't hold back the tears. What a humble moment. Ah, ah, ah, so speechless.

And then, we met at the park for a cook-out. Sitting at the park with people you love. It was a good way to spend the afternoon. Especially because we did get transfer calls, and unexpectedly Sister Lamborn will the one being transferred, and I will finish my mission here in Franklin. We were both shocked, but couldn't really complain because we have seen so many miracles. We finished the night by taking Katie teaching with us because she wants to maybe serve a mission. She hit it off so well with Stormy (Johnny's daughter) that they ended up having a sleepover that night and coming to church together in the morning. BEST FELLOWSHIP EVER.

Church on Sunday was a fantastic palooza. Seriously, there were three confirmations at the beginning of sacrament meeting, Katie bore the most powerful testimony for her first time, and when Johnny, Kelley and Brennan stood up to be welcomed in as the newest members of the ward, I felt the most powerful spiritual support from the room. Heavenly Father definitly is protecting that family, I can feel it. 

Ready for an unexpected surprise?? During sacrament meeting I turned my head, and caught a glimpse of someone familiar. I had to do a double take. As I turned my head back for the third time, I was SO SHOCKED to see my uncle John! I didn't even know what to do, and I immediately remember him telling me before I left on my mission, that he would come and see me and I would pretend he was an investigator or something. I thought, No WAY!!! Only my Uncle JOHN would actually do that!!!! I love this man, such a good man. And he is my uncle. And he is in Tennessee. I didn't even know how to react because I haven't seen someone that I actually know in so long. Golly, it was a quick hello, but it meant a lot! Uncle John, you are such a stud! And a risk taker, that's for sure!!! You kept your promise ha ha. I still can't believe that really happened! 

Sunday school, was powerful because we talked about the Holy Ghost, and Kelley couldn't even express how strongly she felt the Spirit. It was overpowering almost. I was telling her my favorite part about the Spirit, that is a little glimpse of what it will feel like in Heaven, and I got teary-eyed unexpectedly and then she lost it, and ah, it was an emotional fest. I sure love her, she is such an example of our Savior. Seriously, seriously. 

And I know this is dragging on, but this is the best part. Johnny came to church for the first time in a white shirt and tie, with slacks (SO AWESOME) and he got ordained a Priest, and then got to stand in the circle, and lay his hands on Brennan's head. As Brennan got ordained a deacon, I opened my eyes for a moment because I had to visualize it, and save myself a mental picture. Father and step-son bonding moments. 

These miracles are Heavenly Father's.  He has a plan, and by his grace I have been able to watch with wide eyes. And I get to watch for six weeks longer. 

My testimony is that God LOVES His children and is working for our good. Miracles do happen today. We are happiest when we don't go to church, or live our lives for ourselves, but for others. And that this is Jesus Christ's church. The Spirit has confirmed that to me. 

Oh, my joy is full. And this is the story of my very sacred week. 

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