Monday, May 18, 2015

Mission Bipolar is Back

Hey everyone!

Thanks for taking your time to read my letters. Gosh, it means a lot! My mission has flown faster than I would have thought, and now, it's becoming a big time blur. 

The week started off with a bang. Tuesday, we taught early morning seminary, and let me tell ya, getting up at 4:30 is like getting slapped in the face. I admire all the kids that do that out here. And then, at 8, we had a Zone Conference, and my companion and I were asked to give a 45 minute training on daily planning. Boy, was I nervous! Just a lot going on, and we were last, so I had to sit the whole day feeling nervous, but the Spirit was so strong that my fears were calmed for the most part. And I also had to give my departing testimony, which is when all the missionaries going home, bear there last testimony before going home.

The training worked out fine, (I HOPE) and then I was called up to give my last testimony, along with two of my past dear companions. I went up to the pulpit and turned to my mission president, and said, "I'm going home?" His face looked so confused and then everyone busted out laughing, oh golly. Ah, then of course some tears came as I tried to express my deep gratitude for my mission experience. Oh, I am so grateful. Yep, that's really all I can say.

Sister Slaymaker, Lamborn and King

The rest of the week zoomed by, with an exchange, that was actually awesome. I had never met this sister before and it was like when you go and watch a movie, that you have never heard of before and it turns out to be awesome. That is exactly what it was like. Turned out to be such a fun day. And Stormy, one of our investigators came teaching with us, and just loved it. She is 15, and to hear her show so much interest, and bear her testimony of the scriptures to some others we are teaching was so cool!! She walked out with a glow. It's amazing what happens to youth, when they are engaged in good things. Something inside them changes.

Stormy Bizwell

Also, I had a big surprise this week. Two of my old mission friends came to visit me. Well, they surprised me. Some members invited me to lunch and I walked in and there they were. I was so shocked, my insides were shaking. Weirdest thing of your life, seeing old mission companions in PANTS!!! Skirts for life people. Skirts for life:) 

It meant a lot to me though, and it was cool to see them striving to live the gospel now that they are home. That's another thing I am grateful for, life long friends that I have made.

I can't believe my mission bipolar is back for the end of my mission haha. One moment I am so happy in the work, and tracting or teaching, and the next I am sad because I don't want it to end. But I love my family too, and I know that I've just got to make the most of the time I have. It's more like tears of joy, because my soul is happy, truly it is. I am really learning to trust in the Lord. With everything. In his timing. In His mercy. In His Love. Trusting that I have done all that I could have, and learned what I needed to. And that I can continue to learn this last month and for the rest of my life. I am so grateful the Lord is leading and guiding me, and is leading and guiding the missionary efforts of His Church. I love this gospel.

Sister Frampton

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