Monday, April 13, 2015

Southern Rambling--Missionary Style

Hey everybody!

Time truly is flying! don't really know how its Monday again.

Sister Hydee Weeks

This week started off with a cool little tracting miracle. Last week, when I was on an exchange, I kinda got lost (embarrassing I know) and pulled over, and said, "hey, maybe the Lord needs us here, huh?" So we prayed, got out of the car and knocked some doors. The first two doors we knocked the people were amazingly nice . . . I was shocked they let me keep talking. I thought, GOOD DAY. And then at the last door we knocked on, this lady opened it and said, "Could you come back another time, I have the stomach flu?" and closed the door. That was that. So, since I won't refuse an invitation to come back, my comp and I went back. An 11-year old boy came to the door and said, "Grandma, the missionaries are here!" My comp and I looked at each other confused. When the Grandma came to the door, she said, "Hey girls, just 15 minutes ago I was wondering if the missionaries would ever tract this neighborhood." 

REALLY??? You were?? What?? 

Turns out it is a part member family, and she wants us to start visiting her family. I am sorry because I think I say this way to often,  but the Lord has a plan. It just keeps being proven to me over and over.

And then, I kinda had a sad couple of days, I went on an exchange with a sister, who is so cute, and a boss missionary, but has decided to go home early. She was only out for 3 months, and ah, she didn't want to talk about it, and so we went on about the day like normal, even though I felt like two people--a smiley person on the outside, and a dying old maid on the inside. Sad to see someone go. I hate feeling like that. Ah, I already feel like a grandma missionary, and its like seeing one of your grand kids go before you do. NOT OKAY. But it was weird because I felt the Lord almost putting his hand over my mouth, helping me humble myself and stop me from stopping her. It was just my job to love her that day, I guess.

But the week moved on, and my wrinkled, crippled old missionary self continued on. But let me tell you, I might be old, but I am spry and hip. Oh ya, I said it, and I feel it. The missionary groove is still alive. Well, I thought so, until the Lord humbled me once again. I woke up at 2 am, with the stomach flu. Oh, it was painful, I haven't been sick in so long. My poor companion, but she took care of me. I was so emotional too! Ha ha, y'all would have laughed. I was laying on the couch, and my companion brought a blanket to keep me warm, and set up our dvd player so I could watch some church movies. I started to tear up because I was so touched by the kindness. And then I was watching the testaments, and when Christ came to the America's and healed Helam at the end, I started balling, I was just so TOUCHED by it. Oh boy. And then, that night, my comp dropped me off at a members home, while she went and taught with another member because we had some set appointments.

This was hilarious. The parents were going on a date, so they left me with their three teenage daughters. They got pizza and were watching a movie. I looked scary, I am serious. When I walked in, before the dad left he said, "You look like death warmed over." I said, "Thanks, I feel like it" ha ha. The girls were so nice to me. They got me a drink, and when they prayed over the pizza, (and their parents weren't even home reminding them) they blessed me that I would feel better. I wanted to cry then too. Sometimes little things, make a big difference. I am really making this dramatic, ha ha, oh well, I feel like it today.

But don't you worry, I am feeling great now, and I got to get back to work the next day. Here are the little snippets: Katie is getting baptized at 7 a.m. this Saturday. Yes, 7 a.m. I will be there early to fill up that font. WAHOO:) And the B _ _ _ _ _ _'s are set on course for baptism May 2nd, so keep them in your prayers. I have never met anyone so prepared, but they are receiving loads of opposition. We taught them about the temple this week, and as the mom looked at the pictures of the temple we were showing her, she stopped us at a picture of the San Diego Celestial Room and started crying. She had seen that room in a dream that she had in high school and had always believed it was a vision from God. Can you believe that? I couldn't. The Spirit filled the room. And the dad said his first out loud prayer. Its powerful to hear a father pray for his family. Golly, all good things happen in that home, I swear!!

Sorry, I am southern rambling today, but it's how I talk here every day, so I guess just listen to this last story. This was really surprising and powerful to me:

This story is for my uncle Kent.  UNCLE KENT! You will never believe this:

So, Stake Conference was this weekend, and I was enjoying it. There was a member of the 70's that came. I didn't know anything about him, but his name is Elder Zwick. He gave such a powerful talk, and before the Sunday morning session he passed by me and asked my name. I told him and he looked at me, "There was an Elder Frampton in my mission in Chile many years ago. It wasn't your dad was it?" I told him that two of my uncles had served there, Kent and Paul. He stopped me and said, "Kent, that was him. He was such a hard working, and GREAT missionary. Can you tell him that for me? I really want him to know that. His mission companion Elder Andersen is in the audience too." I was BLOWN AWAY. Are you kidding me? He remembered your companion, your name, who you were. HE WAS YOUR MISSION PRESIDENT almost 30 years ago. I don't know the odds, but boy are they slim. When I walked back to the church pew, and listened to the choir sing, it was like a pierce in the heart. I felt God's love for you so strong. Sheesh, it was so overpowering. Twice on my mission, I have done absolutely nothing and ran into two people from your mission. Oh my, I just couldn't wait to tell you. I love you Uncle Kent. We will always be close. Thanks for taking such good care of me, and for always loving me for who I am. 

I sure have loved every experience on my mission. It is such a roller coaster of emotions, especially now. Between loving your mission and loving your family. Knowing the time is speeding by, but trying to make the most of every moment. It's a sad and happy dance, but its okay, because the Lord is near, and teaching me to trust him. 

I will end with this powerful statement, from Sister Zwick (Elder Zwicks wife)--"I have learned that I can't do PERFECT, but I can do FAITHFUL." 

 Yep, pretty much sums up my life motto now.

Have a blessed week:)

Sister Frampton

P.S. Look what I found: 

Look closer: 

That's a first. 

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