Sunday, April 12, 2015

Oh, by the way . . .

Holy Moly.

Yep. Holy Guacamole. This week was a good one.

Katie Bennett and Kylie Thorne

We got to teach the B _ _ _ _ _ Family. First off, they texted us and asked for extra pamphlets to share with their friends, and K _ _ _ _ is studying the gospel principles book and she loves it! That is so very rare. And then, we go in to teach the plan of salvation and the kids are like, "isn't there some sort of waiting place, and different kingdoms in heaven?" My companion and I looked at each other in astonishment. Turns out K _ _ _ _ had been teaching her kids the plan of salvation before we got there. WHAT?? And as we taught, the parents kept chimming in for their kids, and saying, "Oh, this is so interesting, listen to this part!" Just the most pure intentions in that home, I could not believe it.

And then, before we even asked them, they said, "Oh by the way, we want to be baptized. The sooner the better." My heart skipped like 10 million beats. They are praying about a date. So, keep them in your prayers. It was so powerful, and S _ _ _ _ _, who is 15, said her first out loud prayer as well, and it was one sentence, and it was powerful. It truly shows that its not about the elegance of the words, but the intent of your heart. My companion and I got in the car and drove away calmly, and then it was all screams and hallelujahs from there! Biggest miracle! 

The rest of the week flew by with preparing for Zone Meeting, I gave a training on bearing testimony. Boy did I learn so much.

Franklin ZONE!!

I also went on an exchange, and taught my first lesson over Skype. It was so funny. Our investigator got sick, so she said, "Why don't we have the lesson over Skype?" Sweet, so after dinner, a member family gathered around my iPad and we taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Technology these days, who woulda thought? 

We did have a cool moment with a recent convert and her two sons. A member family brought brownies over and we went around talking about Christ and the real meaning of Easter. We each bore our testimonies of Christ, and said what we liked about the new Because He Lives video. It was so simple, but the Spirit flew in the door. Such a humble moment. The father, who brought the brownies, said, "All week I have been running around busy at work, and it feels so good to STOP and ponder on Jesus Christ and the Ressurection." The world is sure a brutal place it seems. I guess it makes it even more important to find little moments to just stop, and ponder. 

All week my companion and I had been praying for our investigators and recent converts to have a members home to go to to watch conference. I didn't know this before my mission, but apparently conference is broadcast at the church. Nobody but the missionaries are there. We were determined that none of our investigators would get stuck with us, sitting in a church pew for 2 hours.  And...miracle. We watched all four sessions in member's homes, and had investigators there with us at most of them. It was just such a powerful experience. One member family had made food, and invited the B_ _ _ _ _s over for conference. They really enjoyed it, and afterwards the family had an Easter egg hunt with the kids! It was so precious, I wanted to run out in the grass and be four again. PURE JOY, ya know. How often do strangers get together to fellowship, and come closer to Christ. 

Easter Sunday was probably the greatest Easter of my whole life. I was singing, He is Risen in my head. I just wanted to "TELL IT OUT WITH JOYFUL VOICE." Studying Christ's ressurection this week has just made Christ so much more real to me. And personal. And I have been so filled. Can you imagine just being there and seeing the Savior of the world come back to life? I love in John 20:17, when Christ says to Mary, "Touch me not; for I am not yet ascended to my Father: but go to my brethren, and say unto them, I ascend unto my Father, and your Father; and to my God, and your God." 

I know that Christ is truly our Savior, and because He lives, we can all we with our families together forever. He lives today, and can comfort us, strengthen us, support us, and ya know, I think he even laughs with us. His atonement and Ressurection, is truly the most sacred event to have ever occured. We are so blessed with this knowledge, and I hope we can all go and share this great message with those around us. 


Sister Frampton

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