Thursday, April 23, 2015

Franklin is on Fire

Hi ya'll,

What a week! I feel like I could write a novel about each day. 

Tuesday was full of President Interviews, and Katie's Baptismal Interview and Stake Correlation, and a fun lesson with Johnny and Kelly. That's a mouth full. My mission president was so positive about my progress and I came out more pumped than I would have thought, and Katie passed her baptismal interview and started dancing to the Happy Song from Despicable Me 2, which I have never seen, but the song does bring JOY to a room. Johnny and Kelly are just eating up the gospel, and I swear I always have a smile from ear to ear when I am in their home. 

The next few days, I went on an exchange, and it was cool because, remember that street I told you about last week, where I was lost, and found that less active member? We also found two people that said we could come back. We set a return appointment, and I actually got really nervous. She lives in a big house, and I wasn't with my usual companion. I knew I was supposed to be an example to this young sister, and I was frightened, and saying so many prayers. But Beth was just the nicest, and instead of talking about the restoration right off the bat, I started talking about the organization of our church, with home and visiting teaching. Beth said, "Wait, no one gets paid at your church? And the congregation actually knows who you are? Wow, I have been looking for a church and you ladies are welcome to come back and teach me more in depth your message." I stayed composed, like, this happens every day, but when we got in the car and got past her house, I started screaming! That is SO rare, I just couldn't believe it. It really showed me that I need to more diligently trust the Lord.

Also this week we went over to the B _ _ _ _ _ _'s house with a member family and talked about the Word of Wisdom and the priesthood a little more, and the members hit it off with the family so well. They taught the entire lesson, and then went off about airplanes, and motorcycles, and sky diving. Me and my companion were in heaven. That is what members are there for. To be LOVING friends. Ah, we had a hard time leaving. It was like a family gathering, ya know?

And then they came to a baptism on Saturday, and they were so touched by it! They are full-steam ahead for their baptism in May. They came to church on Sunday and loved it so much more the second time. In Relief Society the lesson was on Joseph Smith, and I was a little leary, but it was the best RS lesson I have ever had. Everyone started bearing testimony about how the first vision has had an effect on their entire life. Sister Godfrey and I were tearing up as we were strengthened by their testimonies. Wow, you know we really have so much truth, its ridiculous. And oh man, am I grateful for Joseph Smith, that he asked a question and received an answer, and so today my family and I have access to the fullness of the gospel and blessings that are eternal! Ah, I don't even want to imagine my life without it. And Johnny, he loved Priesthood. He came out so pumped because he was asked if he knew who Joseph Smith was, and he told them the whole Joseph Smith story. He said, "See, I know my stuff!" 

And to top all of that off, Franklin had a baptism. Katie was baptized, BRIGHT AND EARLY...yep 7 am. We were up at the crack of dawn, to fill the font and prepare for the baptism. And surprisingly, even at such an early hour, the whole room was full of people there to support Katie. Everything went just fine for the most part, it went super fast actually. I was kinda running around like a spiritual chicken with my head cut off, and all the sudden it was over. Oh how I live for these moments! After Katie came out of the water, we brought Katie's mom back to the bathroom with us, and her mom grabbed her face, and kissed her on the cheek back and forth. And told her how proud she was of her, and that she loved her. Her mom isn't a member, but I have never seen anyone so loving and supportive. It was so TOUCHING. I want to remember that moment. The Spirit really does live at baptisms. You just know Heavenly Father is so proud of his children! And that day He was proud of Katie! My companion and I, plus a laurel who is best friends now with Katie, sung I Am A Child of God. I prayed for the angels, to drowned out my voice, and once again, the Lord answered my prayer! Booyah! I am really grateful I got to be apart of Katie's baptism.  

Taylor Bachrach and Katie Bennett

I love this gospel. The Lord is strengthening me as I try to ask for help. Franklin is on fire!!

Have a blessed week y'all!

LOVE Sister Frampton

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