Thursday, April 23, 2015

Franklin is on Fire

Hi ya'll,

What a week! I feel like I could write a novel about each day. 

Tuesday was full of President Interviews, and Katie's Baptismal Interview and Stake Correlation, and a fun lesson with Johnny and Kelly. That's a mouth full. My mission president was so positive about my progress and I came out more pumped than I would have thought, and Katie passed her baptismal interview and started dancing to the Happy Song from Despicable Me 2, which I have never seen, but the song does bring JOY to a room. Johnny and Kelly are just eating up the gospel, and I swear I always have a smile from ear to ear when I am in their home. 

The next few days, I went on an exchange, and it was cool because, remember that street I told you about last week, where I was lost, and found that less active member? We also found two people that said we could come back. We set a return appointment, and I actually got really nervous. She lives in a big house, and I wasn't with my usual companion. I knew I was supposed to be an example to this young sister, and I was frightened, and saying so many prayers. But Beth was just the nicest, and instead of talking about the restoration right off the bat, I started talking about the organization of our church, with home and visiting teaching. Beth said, "Wait, no one gets paid at your church? And the congregation actually knows who you are? Wow, I have been looking for a church and you ladies are welcome to come back and teach me more in depth your message." I stayed composed, like, this happens every day, but when we got in the car and got past her house, I started screaming! That is SO rare, I just couldn't believe it. It really showed me that I need to more diligently trust the Lord.

Also this week we went over to the B _ _ _ _ _ _'s house with a member family and talked about the Word of Wisdom and the priesthood a little more, and the members hit it off with the family so well. They taught the entire lesson, and then went off about airplanes, and motorcycles, and sky diving. Me and my companion were in heaven. That is what members are there for. To be LOVING friends. Ah, we had a hard time leaving. It was like a family gathering, ya know?

And then they came to a baptism on Saturday, and they were so touched by it! They are full-steam ahead for their baptism in May. They came to church on Sunday and loved it so much more the second time. In Relief Society the lesson was on Joseph Smith, and I was a little leary, but it was the best RS lesson I have ever had. Everyone started bearing testimony about how the first vision has had an effect on their entire life. Sister Godfrey and I were tearing up as we were strengthened by their testimonies. Wow, you know we really have so much truth, its ridiculous. And oh man, am I grateful for Joseph Smith, that he asked a question and received an answer, and so today my family and I have access to the fullness of the gospel and blessings that are eternal! Ah, I don't even want to imagine my life without it. And Johnny, he loved Priesthood. He came out so pumped because he was asked if he knew who Joseph Smith was, and he told them the whole Joseph Smith story. He said, "See, I know my stuff!" 

And to top all of that off, Franklin had a baptism. Katie was baptized, BRIGHT AND EARLY...yep 7 am. We were up at the crack of dawn, to fill the font and prepare for the baptism. And surprisingly, even at such an early hour, the whole room was full of people there to support Katie. Everything went just fine for the most part, it went super fast actually. I was kinda running around like a spiritual chicken with my head cut off, and all the sudden it was over. Oh how I live for these moments! After Katie came out of the water, we brought Katie's mom back to the bathroom with us, and her mom grabbed her face, and kissed her on the cheek back and forth. And told her how proud she was of her, and that she loved her. Her mom isn't a member, but I have never seen anyone so loving and supportive. It was so TOUCHING. I want to remember that moment. The Spirit really does live at baptisms. You just know Heavenly Father is so proud of his children! And that day He was proud of Katie! My companion and I, plus a laurel who is best friends now with Katie, sung I Am A Child of God. I prayed for the angels, to drowned out my voice, and once again, the Lord answered my prayer! Booyah! I am really grateful I got to be apart of Katie's baptism.  

Taylor Bachrach and Katie Bennett

I love this gospel. The Lord is strengthening me as I try to ask for help. Franklin is on fire!!

Have a blessed week y'all!

LOVE Sister Frampton

Monday, April 13, 2015

Southern Rambling--Missionary Style

Hey everybody!

Time truly is flying! don't really know how its Monday again.

Sister Hydee Weeks

This week started off with a cool little tracting miracle. Last week, when I was on an exchange, I kinda got lost (embarrassing I know) and pulled over, and said, "hey, maybe the Lord needs us here, huh?" So we prayed, got out of the car and knocked some doors. The first two doors we knocked the people were amazingly nice . . . I was shocked they let me keep talking. I thought, GOOD DAY. And then at the last door we knocked on, this lady opened it and said, "Could you come back another time, I have the stomach flu?" and closed the door. That was that. So, since I won't refuse an invitation to come back, my comp and I went back. An 11-year old boy came to the door and said, "Grandma, the missionaries are here!" My comp and I looked at each other confused. When the Grandma came to the door, she said, "Hey girls, just 15 minutes ago I was wondering if the missionaries would ever tract this neighborhood." 

REALLY??? You were?? What?? 

Turns out it is a part member family, and she wants us to start visiting her family. I am sorry because I think I say this way to often,  but the Lord has a plan. It just keeps being proven to me over and over.

And then, I kinda had a sad couple of days, I went on an exchange with a sister, who is so cute, and a boss missionary, but has decided to go home early. She was only out for 3 months, and ah, she didn't want to talk about it, and so we went on about the day like normal, even though I felt like two people--a smiley person on the outside, and a dying old maid on the inside. Sad to see someone go. I hate feeling like that. Ah, I already feel like a grandma missionary, and its like seeing one of your grand kids go before you do. NOT OKAY. But it was weird because I felt the Lord almost putting his hand over my mouth, helping me humble myself and stop me from stopping her. It was just my job to love her that day, I guess.

But the week moved on, and my wrinkled, crippled old missionary self continued on. But let me tell you, I might be old, but I am spry and hip. Oh ya, I said it, and I feel it. The missionary groove is still alive. Well, I thought so, until the Lord humbled me once again. I woke up at 2 am, with the stomach flu. Oh, it was painful, I haven't been sick in so long. My poor companion, but she took care of me. I was so emotional too! Ha ha, y'all would have laughed. I was laying on the couch, and my companion brought a blanket to keep me warm, and set up our dvd player so I could watch some church movies. I started to tear up because I was so touched by the kindness. And then I was watching the testaments, and when Christ came to the America's and healed Helam at the end, I started balling, I was just so TOUCHED by it. Oh boy. And then, that night, my comp dropped me off at a members home, while she went and taught with another member because we had some set appointments.

This was hilarious. The parents were going on a date, so they left me with their three teenage daughters. They got pizza and were watching a movie. I looked scary, I am serious. When I walked in, before the dad left he said, "You look like death warmed over." I said, "Thanks, I feel like it" ha ha. The girls were so nice to me. They got me a drink, and when they prayed over the pizza, (and their parents weren't even home reminding them) they blessed me that I would feel better. I wanted to cry then too. Sometimes little things, make a big difference. I am really making this dramatic, ha ha, oh well, I feel like it today.

But don't you worry, I am feeling great now, and I got to get back to work the next day. Here are the little snippets: Katie is getting baptized at 7 a.m. this Saturday. Yes, 7 a.m. I will be there early to fill up that font. WAHOO:) And the B _ _ _ _ _ _'s are set on course for baptism May 2nd, so keep them in your prayers. I have never met anyone so prepared, but they are receiving loads of opposition. We taught them about the temple this week, and as the mom looked at the pictures of the temple we were showing her, she stopped us at a picture of the San Diego Celestial Room and started crying. She had seen that room in a dream that she had in high school and had always believed it was a vision from God. Can you believe that? I couldn't. The Spirit filled the room. And the dad said his first out loud prayer. Its powerful to hear a father pray for his family. Golly, all good things happen in that home, I swear!!

Sorry, I am southern rambling today, but it's how I talk here every day, so I guess just listen to this last story. This was really surprising and powerful to me:

This story is for my uncle Kent.  UNCLE KENT! You will never believe this:

So, Stake Conference was this weekend, and I was enjoying it. There was a member of the 70's that came. I didn't know anything about him, but his name is Elder Zwick. He gave such a powerful talk, and before the Sunday morning session he passed by me and asked my name. I told him and he looked at me, "There was an Elder Frampton in my mission in Chile many years ago. It wasn't your dad was it?" I told him that two of my uncles had served there, Kent and Paul. He stopped me and said, "Kent, that was him. He was such a hard working, and GREAT missionary. Can you tell him that for me? I really want him to know that. His mission companion Elder Andersen is in the audience too." I was BLOWN AWAY. Are you kidding me? He remembered your companion, your name, who you were. HE WAS YOUR MISSION PRESIDENT almost 30 years ago. I don't know the odds, but boy are they slim. When I walked back to the church pew, and listened to the choir sing, it was like a pierce in the heart. I felt God's love for you so strong. Sheesh, it was so overpowering. Twice on my mission, I have done absolutely nothing and ran into two people from your mission. Oh my, I just couldn't wait to tell you. I love you Uncle Kent. We will always be close. Thanks for taking such good care of me, and for always loving me for who I am. 

I sure have loved every experience on my mission. It is such a roller coaster of emotions, especially now. Between loving your mission and loving your family. Knowing the time is speeding by, but trying to make the most of every moment. It's a sad and happy dance, but its okay, because the Lord is near, and teaching me to trust him. 

I will end with this powerful statement, from Sister Zwick (Elder Zwicks wife)--"I have learned that I can't do PERFECT, but I can do FAITHFUL." 

 Yep, pretty much sums up my life motto now.

Have a blessed week:)

Sister Frampton

P.S. Look what I found: 

Look closer: 

That's a first. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Oh, by the way . . .

Holy Moly.

Yep. Holy Guacamole. This week was a good one.

Katie Bennett and Kylie Thorne

We got to teach the B _ _ _ _ _ Family. First off, they texted us and asked for extra pamphlets to share with their friends, and K _ _ _ _ is studying the gospel principles book and she loves it! That is so very rare. And then, we go in to teach the plan of salvation and the kids are like, "isn't there some sort of waiting place, and different kingdoms in heaven?" My companion and I looked at each other in astonishment. Turns out K _ _ _ _ had been teaching her kids the plan of salvation before we got there. WHAT?? And as we taught, the parents kept chimming in for their kids, and saying, "Oh, this is so interesting, listen to this part!" Just the most pure intentions in that home, I could not believe it.

And then, before we even asked them, they said, "Oh by the way, we want to be baptized. The sooner the better." My heart skipped like 10 million beats. They are praying about a date. So, keep them in your prayers. It was so powerful, and S _ _ _ _ _, who is 15, said her first out loud prayer as well, and it was one sentence, and it was powerful. It truly shows that its not about the elegance of the words, but the intent of your heart. My companion and I got in the car and drove away calmly, and then it was all screams and hallelujahs from there! Biggest miracle! 

The rest of the week flew by with preparing for Zone Meeting, I gave a training on bearing testimony. Boy did I learn so much.

Franklin ZONE!!

I also went on an exchange, and taught my first lesson over Skype. It was so funny. Our investigator got sick, so she said, "Why don't we have the lesson over Skype?" Sweet, so after dinner, a member family gathered around my iPad and we taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Technology these days, who woulda thought? 

We did have a cool moment with a recent convert and her two sons. A member family brought brownies over and we went around talking about Christ and the real meaning of Easter. We each bore our testimonies of Christ, and said what we liked about the new Because He Lives video. It was so simple, but the Spirit flew in the door. Such a humble moment. The father, who brought the brownies, said, "All week I have been running around busy at work, and it feels so good to STOP and ponder on Jesus Christ and the Ressurection." The world is sure a brutal place it seems. I guess it makes it even more important to find little moments to just stop, and ponder. 

All week my companion and I had been praying for our investigators and recent converts to have a members home to go to to watch conference. I didn't know this before my mission, but apparently conference is broadcast at the church. Nobody but the missionaries are there. We were determined that none of our investigators would get stuck with us, sitting in a church pew for 2 hours.  And...miracle. We watched all four sessions in member's homes, and had investigators there with us at most of them. It was just such a powerful experience. One member family had made food, and invited the B_ _ _ _ _s over for conference. They really enjoyed it, and afterwards the family had an Easter egg hunt with the kids! It was so precious, I wanted to run out in the grass and be four again. PURE JOY, ya know. How often do strangers get together to fellowship, and come closer to Christ. 

Easter Sunday was probably the greatest Easter of my whole life. I was singing, He is Risen in my head. I just wanted to "TELL IT OUT WITH JOYFUL VOICE." Studying Christ's ressurection this week has just made Christ so much more real to me. And personal. And I have been so filled. Can you imagine just being there and seeing the Savior of the world come back to life? I love in John 20:17, when Christ says to Mary, "Touch me not; for I am not yet ascended to my Father: but go to my brethren, and say unto them, I ascend unto my Father, and your Father; and to my God, and your God." 

I know that Christ is truly our Savior, and because He lives, we can all we with our families together forever. He lives today, and can comfort us, strengthen us, support us, and ya know, I think he even laughs with us. His atonement and Ressurection, is truly the most sacred event to have ever occured. We are so blessed with this knowledge, and I hope we can all go and share this great message with those around us. 


Sister Frampton