Monday, March 2, 2015

Thank the Heavens!

Today, I feel like making this a short one. Short and sweet.

This week flew by, with two exchanges, district meeting, and a mission conference. 

Our mission is revamping Facebook, so a seventy came to our mission and trained us on how we are now going to be using our iPads and stuff. The whole mission is going on a two-month Facebook Fast. 

I really missed taking the Sacrament last week since church was cancelled. I needed a renewal, a refresh, a new start. It cracks me up that I used to love opportunities to miss church, but this week, sitting there waiting for the sacrament, it hit me: THIS IS WHAT CHURCH IS ALL ABOUT. Remembering Christ, and his sacrifice for us. And that it actually works. A spiritual cleansing is wrought in us, so that we can try again, with renewed purpose. Seriously, thank the heavens for sacrament. THANK THE HEAVENS!! 
I've been in a very reflective mood. This is a different part of my mission than I have ever faced. The world has been so far away, and now it seems like it is zooming at me at 100 miles per hour. Trying to figure out the balance between accepting real life, and focusing on the mission is trickier than I would have thought. So, I guess, I am just trying to walk where the Lord wants me to, learn what he needs me to, and make the most out of every moment. And use the atonement. 

I am so grateful that on my journey to help others come unto Christ, somehow I came closer to him as well. The atonement truly is a LIFE SAVER. 
Well, maybe it's not sweet, but it is short. And golly, if you could just see Franklin, you would feel the SWEETNESS!! #FranklinFun

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