Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Pushing Through Molasses

So, big news. I am staying in Franklin for another transfer, which will make this my longest area so far, and ever, with the same companion!! NO WAY!!! I was shocked. Sister Lamborn will be my companion for 4.5 months. Longest companion I have ever had. We are so happy. She is the coolest thing since sliced bread. We are known now as the Frampy and Lamby team. Cheesy, I know, but still cool. 

Transfer week is always a stressful week, knowing that the future is so unknown. I don't know why I let that bother me, but hey, when you get transferred as much as me, you learn to be worried. But lo and behold, Franklin is my home for another 6 weeks. 

Some mighty miracles this week, let me tell ya. And some bad days too. But miracles override the long finding days, am I right? 

Monday night we were teaching this family. They went to their church with their new preacher and just didn't feel good there and are deciding to come to our church. We had the neatest lesson talking about the importance of the Book of Mormon, and there really was a powerful Spirit there. I take the Book of Mormon for granted all the time, but when you pause to think about it, WE ARE SO BLESSED TO HAVE MORE SCRIPTURE. Booyah! 

I got down to Thompson Station again this week. It's like my home away from home. I got to have dinner with one of my old investigators and talk to her about the gospel once again. Ah, I just love Sister Hope... it's amazing to have the opportunity to talk to all those that you meet on such a spiritual level. You really never know the Lord's plan for these people, and so its so important to try and trust in the Spirit. 

Sister Talbert

The rest of the week was kinda weird. It was spring break and no one was home, but Sister Lamborn and I were determined to stay happy.  I learned that even in the most awkward, slow paced, discouraging days, we just have to choose how to react. Most of the time, I react the wrong way, but this week we laughed, and ate loads of chocolate.

But on a happy miracle note, we had two investigators at church on Sunday. A part-member family moved into the ward last week, and they are young, and trying to make it into the music business. They are rocking awesome, and the wife, is really wanting to understand the church and what we believe in. And our new investigator, Katie, who is 17, was dating a Mormon, and came to church for the second time this week. She came running up to us and said, "THIS IS THE HAPPIEST I HAVE BEEN IN MY WHOLE LIFE. I FEEL AT HOME." I was shocked. I looked at her, and thought, "HALLELUJAH!!!" We went over to her house and taught her the restoration. Her mom is so supportive and kind to us. It was one of the best first lessons in my whole mission. So crazy, she is so prepared. And at the end, we asked her to pray, and she at first she said she didn't know how. We explained it to her, and she went for it. It was one of the most sincere prayers I have ever heard. It should have been filmed or something and put into those fancy missionary movies.  

Missionary work is just so interesting. Some days, the work flies and people listen, and other days it feels like you are pushing through molasses. I guess I am learning that there can be joy in all things and situations and it takes effort to focus on Christ. But in those moments we are one with Him, that's when our time is sacred and our hearts are spilling out with joy. 

Gosh, I have been overwhelmed too this week, with how proud I am of my brothers. All three of them. They are learning so much. I have three of the bestest friends, and am so proud of the decisions they are making. 

Thanks to all y'all who continue to support me. It makes a whole lot of difference, especially on those molasses days!!! 

Sister Frampton

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