Friday, February 13, 2015


What a wonderful week! A crazy wonderful week. It was filled with ups and downs, and exchanges, and miracles. I'm just going to try to keep it short and sweet this time though!

Most of the week, we were setting things up, for one of my all-time favorite people, NYJOD, to get baptized this Saturday. There was opposition, just like all good things, but she was determined, and her and her son, Warner walked into the church Saturday with big smiles on their faces. Ah, it was such a spiritual day. Usually I feel the Spirit at baptisms, but this time I was filled with the Spirit of JOY!!! All week, I was just excited, and Nyjod and Warner's baptisms were just such a happy event. It truly was. 

They came in and got all dressed in white, the Relief Society room was full of people, and the service went great. We walked Nyjod back into the baptismal font, while all the kids, crowded around the glass. It was so special. She gave me a big hug, and kiss on the cheek, and went down into the water. She suprised me, she went straight back, so gracefully into the water. It looked like she had complete faith and trust in the Lord, and her baptismal covenant. And when she came out, she said, "HALLELUJAH!!!"" With all the Southern in me, I wanted to shout HALLE--FREAKIN--LLUJAH!!!! 

She came out so happy, and filled with JOY!! Literall Joy, I can't explain it. And then we stood next to her, and she watched her son, Warner go down into the water, and when he came out, she yelled, "Hallelujah Warner. I love you" It was so touching. Everyone had tears in their eyes, ah, she just kept saying, "I feel AWESOME!! I could cry I am so happy!"

Such a tender moment, ah, it is just so special when someone fights the opposition, against all odds,and through trials, to come unto Christ. And now, as the Mom of 9 kids, she can lead her family to happiness once again. One of the professional singers, sung "I Stand All Amazed" at her baptism, and the Spirit just flew in even stronger. 

And Sunday morning her family all came in, sat together on a row, and got to watch their Mom and Warner receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. I truly admire this lady's dedication to her family, and love for God. She has taught me so much about the true meaning of life, and what it means to have the gospel in your heart. Thanks Nyjod and Warner for letting me watch such a miracle. That's the coolest thing about missionary work, we just watch the Lord change people, and it strengthens us. 

Sister Dixon

Another miracle of the week: Transfer calls came in and I get to stay, and I get to stay with my companion....both things that NEVER happen to me. I am so grateful and feel so much peace in my heart about it. I still have work to do and things to learn. This week taught me, that the GOSPEL brings JOY. Even in the worst of circumstances, it's what we know in our heart that brings a smile...even if it's a little one. 

Shout out to my cousins.....SEAGLE POWERS!!!!

Love y'all

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