Sunday, January 4, 2015

Letter to Gigi

Ah, I love you so much. I want you to know, that I have been praying so much about you! I truly admire you so much. I remember so many times, thinking, "Ah, I wish I had Gigi's humor and her spark." You have the best darn fun personality. You have always been there, and cared so much about our family. It meant so much to me. There are so many memories that are flooding my mind. I'll share my favorite ones with you:
1. The story of you getting hit with lightening multiple times. YOU DEFEATED LIGHTENEING!!! That has to gone down in the history books. I remember seeing the shoes. I hope I can be as brave as you one day. Thanks for always being so brave.
2. I remember going to your house, with you and Papa. And the taffy was always there for the kids. And cream soda. You both always had a smile on your faces. What a great relationship you had. There was so much positivity and light in your home. Thanks for living the gospel. Thanks for taking care of Grandma Shiela and raising her to be one of the best people I know. Oh, what a special family you built.
3. I remember when you moved into your new apartment, you always were doing puzzles like nobodies business. And you always won BINGO!! You are so lucky, it kills me. Ha, I hope I live like you, and can do puzzles at your age. Another thing, that I remember, was one summer I came to Utah by myself. Grandma Shiela took me to go visit you and I had so much fun. And I didn't have very much money, I think I was stressed because I hadnt spent it too wisely, and then BOOM! You pull out 20 dollars,and I was so suprised. You answered my prayer!! Ha, thanks for that 20 dollars. It really made me feel so loved that day.
You truly have always made me so loved and important. And I always love your jokes. Seriously, I JUST eat up your HUMOR!!!
Gigi, I want you to know that I have felt Papa with me on my mission. There have been specific times in the temple, or when I have had a really hard day that I felt like Papa was there with me comforting me. What a good good man. And I know that he is there comforting you, oh he loves you so much! You are lucky, to have so many people taking care of you, from both sides of the viel.
I know that this gospel is true. I know that Heavenly Father is so proud and happy with the life you have lived. Smile and Be Happy!! Ah, I love you so much and I miss you!!! Thanks for everything. I will never forget it. I will give my great granddaughter 20 dollars, just like you gave me one day! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
Love you, love you!! Thanks for your prayers, I can feel them:)
Sister Frampton

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