Monday, January 26, 2015

It's not about the blessings . . .

Where did the week go? Oh my goodness, this week was such a solid week. And this morning, my comp and I got to come to the church to play some basketball with ladies in our ward. IT WAS SO FUN! I forgot what basketball was, sheesh, I haven't thought about setting a screen in over a year. It felt just like old times, back on the town house basketball court with all the neighborhood kids. And the ladies in my ward were so good, just like Martha. 

But anyways, this week I really felt the joy that comes from being obedient and just working until you can't anymore. I always make the joke that at 9:30 pm, after we finish planning, the Lord's strength leaves, and my brain melts down, and I don't even know what happens after that. 

It's funny because you just keep working and when the Lord decides its time for people, He puts them in your path. It's not really anything you do differently, you just gotta keep the faith, result or no result. 
That's kinda the test of life, I think. For example, Wednesday, everyone we talked to was so nice to us about the gospel, and said we could come back, and then we had a good lesson with a recent convert that set her temple date to get her endowments this SATURDAY!! So pumped for that:)

But Thursday, on the other hand, was "one of those days." as my companion calls it, where "Satan sprinkles grumpy dust" on all the people we are going to see. Everyone, even the nice people, were not very nice, but we just kept pushing on. And you know what? That's what makes you happy. 

Friday we got to have a great lesson on Tithing with Nyjod. Can I just say, she might be a saint? She gets the gospel. It is in her heart. After we explained what tithing is, and promised her the strong blessings of paying it, she said, "Well, I am not really concerned about receiving any blessings, I just can't wait to help people." 

MY JAW DROPPED! I was just like, why didn't I think of that? Why do we always have to get something out of it in order to follow God's commandments? But it's not about the blessings. It's about helping people. Ah, let me just eat a big slice of HUMBLE PIE, thank you. Wow, I wish ya'll could of felt the Spirit in there. 


And Saturday morning we got to clean some office buildings with her to help her have time for church on Sunday. Turns out she cleans the office of a movie producer and a big Christian Rock band. It was not an office, it was a play pen. Did you know people have air hockey tables, ping pong tables, arcade games, and more in their offices?? I gotta get myself a job there. And then Nyjod, taught me again. She told me stories of people that have HUGE mansions, who spent years building their perfect house, with everything down to the marble, the door handles, you name it. They live in the house alone now, and are miserable. I realized in that moment that none of us have any reason to complain because we have so much. 

Golly, and I also realized that its not good for us as humans to have everything we want. Stuff never makes us happy. We can set up a perfect life, but without the gospel, it's just things that will mean nothing over time. 

And then, we went to her house, and taught six of her kids the Restoration of the gospel. It was a party...haha. I was loving it. The 5-year-old girl, screamed, "I love learning about JESUS!!" Now that's what I call joy. We even got to talk to my German buddy, Inga, who comes to church every Sunday, and also to her church. She said, "Well, if someone would have invited me to your church 20 years ago, I would be a Mormon." You never know who would accept an invitation, I guess. But she decided to read the Book of Mormon for the first time. MIRACLES!

But here is the miracle of the week: So, there is this family where the Dad is a member, but his three kids are not, and his new wife (HE GOT MARRIED THIS WEEK!) is just learning about the church. We got to teach all of them the Plan of Salvation and the Spirit was just so calming. It's amazing to see people's hearts soften, and the wife started commenting. Ah, and then they all came to church on Sunday. They looked so good, all sitting together as a family. And Nyjod and her family came. These are the Sundays missionaries live for! They don''t happen often, but when they do, your smile is just GIANT and you are thanking Heavenly Father the whole time. Let's go FRANKLIN! 

The time on my mission is becoming more and more precious, and is going faster and faster. I'm starting to realize that gratitude goes along way. I think that is when I feel the Spirit the most. Ah, God is GOOD and His plan is real. 

I love you all. 

Have a great week! 


Sister Frampton

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