Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Brain Explosion!

Oh boy, oh boy, this last week was a crazy one. Seriously, it was like all things came at once and my brain had a work out. But on a mission, being busy is like the Lord's greatest gift, so I am just enjoying the ride. 

I read my brother Zach's email this morning, and it pumped me up!! He says he is feeling swaggy, and golly, if I could only sound so gangster. One day, but anyway, I am feeling solid. I am feeling good. I am feeling tired, but in the happiest way. I am feeling SO grateful, and I will tell you why. 

To start the week off, we had a missionary leadership council, and got to meet in the President's home. I have never gone to one before, and it was a really spiritual experience. To be in a home, with all my favorite people, and learning about how to be a better missionary. It was a little overwhelming to think of all that I need to be doing better, and I kept thinking, "Alright, Heavenly Father, if you want me to do all this, we are going to have to work together hard core, because there's no way, I can do this on my own." 

Ah, and I know He will help me. 

Another fun fact, was that I realized that 7 of my companions happened to be there as well. It WAS CRAZY!! 

Sister Rokovitz, Gates, Slaymaker, Lamborn, me, Hargadon, Carpenter, Mellor

It was a little embarrassing realizing that too many people in the room knew my weaknessses. Dang it! Ha ha. 

The reason for this meeting is to prepare us to teach other missionaries in a big meeting called Zone Meeting. So, we had two days to prepare for that, but one of those days, I was down in Thompson Station on an exchange....which just meant BRAIN EXPLOSION. Every night, my comp and I would look at each other and just say, "My brain is pooped!!" But from our prayers, and any effort we had, everything worked out. And in Thompson Station, I got to have two really good lessons with some past investigators that I had taught. It is interesting to see how people's lives change, and the questions people have in their hearts. There is nothing like the gospel, there really isn't. 

And then we got to teach our investigator with 9 kids. We had such a spiritual night. Sometimes I take for granted the role of the Spirit. When it hits, and when you can feel it in a lesson, its like this essence of peace feels the room, and no matter what is said, you know that it will be alright. Peace is the only emotion, that the devil cannot replicate. Interesting thought, huh?

Saturday my comp and I, and 4 other missionaries, were invited to a youth activity. They had us answer the youths questions about missions, and share why we decided to go on a mission. I haven't thought about the reason why I decided to come out in a long time. It was a very reflective experience to realize where I was a year ago, and why I wanted to serve a mission. And the kids in the audience are just like I used to be . . . what the heck?? As I was pondering why I wanted to serve a mission there was a lot of prayer and the Spirit was involved, but I think the biggest desire I had was just to help people. Lots of the kids thought that missionaries were perfect and you had to be a certain way to be a missionary. Which is false. We just wear a fancy tag, but inside we are still the same. Its the way we live our lives that eventually, and hopefully changes us. The Lord needs everybody's talents to do His work, so if you have a small desire, the Lord will qualify you for the rest. And thank the heavens for that.

I am learning to more fully give myself to the work, with so much to do. Even when I am pooped, and tired, and a little grumpy, the Lord helps me to finish the work He needs done that day. And its such a good feeling. It's such a peaceful feeling. 

Things are coming along. I am enjoying the ride. And if this letter is weird or doesn't make sense, I am blaming my brain explosion this week. MISSIONS ARE THE BEST!!!  

Love Sister Frampton

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