Tuesday, January 20, 2015

An Honestly Good Week

You know what, I don't know why, but this week was a darn good week. A simple week. But a very spirit filled week, and that's all you can really ask for. 

I felt like a lot of my prayers were answered this week. I have been so darn stressed, and felt so anxious, but this week I was able to feel peace in my heart, and joy in my soul. It's little answers to my prayers that really pump me up, that is for sure! 

Tuesday morning is when I started to feel peace, and we had interviews with the President and a meeting with the Stake President. It just continues to blow my mind how long I have been a missionary, but it doesn't feel like it at all. I still have so much to learn. In fact I told President Andersen that I don't know how I am going to fit it all in before I go home. And of course he put it in perspective when he said, "Sister Frampton, you are going to continue to learn for the rest of your life." 

Oh ya, I forgot that there is life after the mission...but anyways...

We were able to teach our investigator with the 9 kids this week, and she is just so humble and wants to be baptized so bad! We taught her about Baptism and the Holy Ghost, and we invited her to be baptized on Feburay 7th. She looked at me and said, "Why that day?" So, I explained that we had prayed about it, and felt like that was the day that she could be ready for baptism. She thought for a second, moved her head side to side, like she was trying to decide and said, "I think that's the day. LET"S DO IT!!!" Miracle!!! Miracle!! Miracle!!! Thank you Heavenly Father! She is one person who completely deserves to be baptized. 

And then we got to teach Dillon, for the first time, who is a 24-year-old that I met at Cracker Barrel. I left our number, with a pass along card at the table when we left, and HE ACTUALLY TEXTED US and watched the movie that the card linked to. THAT NEVER HAPPENS!!!! I was so pumped, I was jumping up and down, and my companion said, "You left our number and didn't talk about the gospel to a 24 year old boy. He obviously thinks you are flirting with him." I was so bummed, like the moment you are such a missionary you forget that it could be considered flirting to leave your number at the table. By golly, I felt dumb. But, LO AND BEHOLD, turns out he has Mormon friends and really wants to know more, and as we taught him, he said, "Okay, so here is my question. What happens to people who die and never had the opportunity to know about Jesus Christ. Do they just go to hell?" I couldn't hold my smile back. GOLDEN QUESTION. And yesterday, we taught him the Plan of Salvation and he just ate it up. Boo to the yah!

Another fun experience was two of the recently baptized members of our ward got to go to the temple for the first time to do baptisms for the dead. And here is the thing, one of them only has one leg. He is from Iraq, and just the coolest guy around. When we walked in the temple he was all dressed in white in his wheelchair, sitting next to all of the young men. He was glowing. I was so humbled to see him roll his wheelchair up to the front of the font, climb out, and scoot his way down step and after step to get into the font. Two members carried him, and held him up, as he was baptized 10 times, in behalf of sweet people who have passed on. The Spirit was so strong, it was one of those moments of VICTORY!! When someone had overcame their human weaknesses! And then to see him work so hard to push and pull himself up each stair to get out. I don't know if I will ever get to witness something like that again. It was such a Rocky moment. 


The biggest thing I learned this week is probably understanding a little bit more what God's love really is. I went on an exchange this week with a legendary sister. She is almost going home, and has been a leader and an example her whole mission. We taught a 99 year old the Restoration. The Spirit was so thick you could almost touch it. Everything she said was such a reminder to me of God's love, and the deep and real meaning of a mission. Talking about such deep things, it reminded me of my old self, when I would ponder all day about the interesting things of this world. It felt good. 

This week I read 3 Nephi 17, and it's the chapter when Christ heals all of the people who are afflicted, and then prays to Heavenly Father in front of the people.  And verse 20 just meant so much to me. It says, "And they arose from the earth, and he said unto them: Blessed are ye because of your faith. And now behold, my joy is full." I never had thought before about the fact that Jesus Christ's JOY was FULL because of the people's faith. Not because of their specific talents, and strengths--what they wore, what kind of person they tried to be. All that muck that we get trapped in as humans. But he was so happy because they showed their faith. 

It is something that seemed so attainable to me. Like maybe I am not this or that, but that's not what Christ asks. He just asks us to have faith in him. I can do that. Everyone can do that. And when we just try to act in faith, he will help us with the rest. Ah, I was just filled with so much Joy, and peace. That's my rambling insight for the week. Ah, Smiling and Being Happy for days!! 

To finish up my letter, I got to Skype into a baptism of a guy that I taught in the Clarksville YSA. When I was there he started reading the Book of Mormon, and started living the Word of Wisdom, but was never sure if it was true or not. Six months later, he finally got his answer. It was such a neat thing to be apart of. All the YSA were carrying me around on an IPad screen, and it was hilariously awesome. I LOVE that place. Ah, and Calvin got up and bore his testimony, and said, " I can now say, that the Book of Mormon is TRUE!!!" Enough said. 

The gospel is true. It makes people happy. Doubts are what troubles our souls, and makes them angry and bitter. It is okay to have them, as long as we seek God and find truth through him, with his timing. 

I LOVE ALL OF YOU!!! Thanks for reading my ramblings.

Sister Frampton

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