Monday, November 24, 2014

Sister Peter Frampton

Hey hey hey!!!

Well, this is my first email from Franklin, TN. Can you believe it? Area number 6 folks. Now, ya'll need to pray for me to stay for longer than 6 weeks, because I might not make it one more change. :) It's been a really neat week because I feel like the Lord has been helping me along, and showing me all of the blessings that have come to the areas where I have been. This whole week I have been overcome with humility and gratitude for all of the people I have gotten to meet and to serve with. It's like the Lord has said, "I know I have been moving you around quite a lot, but I want you to know, each place had its reason." 

I wish I could explain or tell you all of the little things that have been happening. I swear this week I have heard so many people call me FrampChamp. That is what most missionaries that know me call me. And I received a thank you note from a cute sister that I have only met once, who just wanted to say thanks for making her feel welcome on her first day in the mission field. Since I go to every transfer meeting . . . haha . . . I have taken on the role of the welcome committee. It meant the world and back to know that someone needed a welcome. But transfers this week was great. I am actually serving in the main building where we meet for transfers, right next to the temple. I see it everyday now . . . so trippy. My new companion's name is Sister Carpenter and she reminds me of a mixture between Shelby and Jennifer Frampton . . . it trips me out. Seriously, they look and act the same. 

We have named this transfer, "Tis the Season of Miracles!" I am pumped about that. 

I won't lie, it has been a hard week in that it's a new area with no investigators, because they baptized them all before I got here. And just a bunch of other things. But the Lord has just kept blessing me. I have so much faith that the Lord is helping me grow. He's comforting me through the whole process. I have so much more responsibility now being in charge of so many sisters, and being the example area for the sisters, and although it makes me nervous, the Lord has got my back. And thank goodness, because I could not do it by myself. Thank the heavens. 

The BIGGEST tender mercy of the week was when I got a message from my friend Adnan, who I taught in Smyrna a couple of transfers back, telling me that he was getting baptized this Saturday. I was so excited! Ah, and since I am only 40 minutes from Smyrna now, I got permission to go to his baptism. I was so stoked to see my old companion, who is still there, and to see Adnan and his wife. And then they asked me to speak at the baptism. I was once again so humbled. Gosh, can I just explain how AMAZING a mission is. It's like you serve somewhere thinking you have done nothing, and a couple of months later, you hear about miracles that all came from your small efforts. The Lord is so merciful it's crazy. So, on Saturday, a member came and picked me up to take me to the baptism. To see them again, it was so wild. And I had been so busy and all, that I hadn't even had close to the amount of time I had wanted to prepare for the talk, so I pretty much prayed for the Spirit to help me survive. It all worked out. But Adnan was just SHINING! He has such a sincere heart to do good, and was so humble as he went to be baptized. His family doesn't approve at all, and in fact, they may never speak to him again. The fact that he made the decision to follow Christ astounds me. I am so grateful to have witnessed such bravery and courage to follow Jesus Christ. 

(MOM NOTE: I love how it looks like Jesus is standing with his arms around the group.)

Valerie and Adnan Mechovic

JUST A GOOD DAY!! I am not describing it as well as I would like, but good day. A good day!!!

So, what I didn't realize about Franklin is, I know most everybody already. I met them when I used to come on exchanges here, and so everybody we see, I'm like, "I know them..." So, that was crazy. And then at church on Sunday, one of my favorite members from Thompson Station has a stake calling, and was there to give a talk. He has had a big influence on me in my mission, and I used to have FHE with his family every Monday night. 

Before sacrament, they asked me to give the closing prayer, so I said yes, and then here comes the best thing that has ever happened to me in church. A counselor in the bishopric gets up and says, "And we will have Sister Peter Frampton say the closing prayer." It was totally on accident, he didn't even realize it. I was laughing SOOOO hard. My companion was laughing. My friend from Thompson Station was dying. The Bishop was laughing. I He sat back down and had to ask what was going on. Oh my, the whole rest of the day every one came up to me and asked me if Peter was my real name. It was a great conversation piece at least, so I met a lot of new people. Who knew that Peter Frampton would bless my mission SO MUCH!! 

Well, my week was full of ups and downs and sideways and craziness and greatness. I still have so much to learn, and I can feel that I am here to learn it . . . anxiety is my life. :) But gosh, thank the heavens, we have the gospel in our lives. I am so grateful for my FAMILY . . . so beyond grateful. 

I am so grateful the Lord called me to Nashville. I am so grateful for the people that have stolen my heart, and taught me so much. I am grateful for the restoration of this gospel. I am grateful for jokes. And smiles. And those JOYFUL moments you never want to forget. I am grateful for all my friends . . . thank you for supporting me and writing me letters. I am grateful the knowledge that Heavenly Father LOVES me more than I could ever know, and that Jesus Christ died so that I could make it back home one day. 


Sister Frampton

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