Monday, November 17, 2014

Goodbye Jamestown, Hello Franklin

Alrighty, I hope all y'alls jaws are ready to drop because . . . it is happening . . . I am getting transferred again. Can you believe it? I am going back into the CITY!!! Ah, I was pretty shocked again, but my stress level was high all week and I just knew something was changing. This will be my 4th new town in just over 5 months. Boy oh boy. I am learning so much, really fast. Franklin 3rd Ward is where I will be serving, which is 20 minutes from Thompson Station and right next to the temple. I will probably get to see the temple every day.  Also, I was asked to be a Sister Training Leader for the whole Franklin Zone, so I'm excited/nervous/anxious. That means I will go on exchanges every week or so with other sisters in the Zone. 

This week I actually got to go on an exchange with my trainer, Sister H, who raised me on my mission. It was so surreal to be her companion again, and see how both of us had changed. And we had a really good talk, and I just kept saying, "I am so sick of being held back by my fears!" I have been so good at that my whole life. And I had actually talked to the President of our mission about that during Interviews last week, and going to Franklin, I am going to have to face all of my fears and have lots of faith. And I feel so strongly, that the Lord is saying to me, "I've heard your prayers. Let's work together to help you get over your fears. Are you ready?" And you know what, I am as ready as I'll ever be. I will be going on exchanges in Thompson Station and everything, and meetings . . . so surreal. I hope I can take the things I have learned from Jamestown and bring it to the city. 

So many miracles happened this week, it was just out of this world. People we have been trying and trying to see, were finally home, and we taught them the restoration. And they would say, "I feel good about this message. I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God." WHAT???? Its almost so unbelievable you don't know how to react. Gosh, miracle of miracles. I love when everything you have been working towards comes together. 

And, oh, Wyatt and Garrett, you would love this. So, there was this 14-year-old boy at a members home, who isn't a member. I started chatting with him, trying to relate and he loves video games. I asked him about Call of Duty, because of the boys playing it, and he started just going on and on about it. It was awesome. And then, somehow, I linked the conversation back to Christ, and he was even more excited about how much he LOVED the Bible. And then he agreed to take the lessons, and we taught him the restoration this week, and he was stoked about the message.

CALL OF DUTY MIRACLES. Having three brothers does pay off. 

It was a terribly stressful and amazingly miraculous week. The Lord provides. 

Here are some things I love/learned/and will miss about Jamestown: 

Thank you Jamestown for teaching me that this life is all about love, sincerity, and kindness. 

Thank you Jamestown for showing me that you can survive without cell phone service. 

Thank you Jamestown for having so little, but sharing with me everything you had. 

Thank you Jamestown, for not caring what I looked like. You just took me in for exactly who I was. 

Thank you Jamestown for being so beautiful and full of orange, red, and yellow trees. 

Thank you Jamestown for teaching me that straight roads are for wimps. And that it is way better to drive on grass than actual roads. 

Thank you Jamestown for being the most Southern place I have ever served. 

Thank you Jamestown for letting me hold a squirrel, and fall in love with the cows, and the hills, and most importantly the PONDS!! 

Thank you Jamestown for giving me 50 new grandparents to have for a life time. 

Brother White

Brother and Sister McDonald (He gave me glasses just like his that I wear for Halloween every year.)

I sure will miss this place. It is one of a kind. I am lucky that the Lord let me have this little tender mercy. Gosh, people may say, Where the Heck is Jamestown? But when you find it, you won't want to leave.

A mission is the most sacred and grand experience of my life. It is teaching me so much, and here I go, to learn once more . . . the city life. 


Sister Frampton

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