Monday, October 13, 2014

The Twilight Zone!

Seriously, seriously, I had the most different, crazy, weird, back-in-time adventure this week. I think I somehow have entered . . . THE TWILIGHT ZONE!!! It's a dream come true. 

Jamestown, oh Jamestown--I love it. But golly, its like I am in a new country. I am on the very edge of the mission, and there aren't even cell phone towers here, so we never have service. EVER. Not even in our apartment. And there are no such things as garbage men, or trash cans. We have to drive our trash to a dumpster, but most people just burn it in their back yard. Oh my, I am in the sticks. It is awesome! Seriously, the town square is less than a mile, and its within walking distance from our home. I found Mark Twain Park. 

There are so many winding, country roads, with gorgeous red, yellow and orange trees everywhere. All of the houses are humble and far apart. It's the exact opposite of all of my other areas. 

Get this! I got to hold a squirrel. And I even KISSED it! One of my investigators is raising squirrels. I was dying. Also, everyone has guns, and loves to talk about their guns. And they have such strong Southern drawls, and they talk so quickly. And they talk A LOT! I have never had to work so hard to actually get a word in. It looks like my dream to become a Southern Missionary is about to come true. 

What else? I got car sick for the first time in forever because all of the canyon windy roads, driving to part of our area. It takes 2 hours about to get from one end of our area to the other. It is huge!!! And I also met and talked to my first Amish person. They are everywhere, riding their horses and buggy, and there are even signs on the roads telling you to watch out for them. I will send a picture to you all some time. 

It is a very humble area, and no one is busy. It's shocking. People are almost always home, and welcoming. Golly, I don't know what to do with myself. Seriously, it's so slow pace. Everyone in the ward is Grandma and Grandpa's age. There are only 2 young women, and no young men. Hardly any in primary. My companion told me, the moment you come to Jamestown, you inherit millions of grandparents. yah!

And something I am excited about, is that my companion has so much motivation to help this area, and is so nice to me. We just get along great. I love her a lot. We have good feelings about this transfer. 

Our investigator is the most humble person I have ever met. She is so sensitive to the Spirit and will be getting baptized this Saturday. We went over to teach her this week, and she said she was praying on her knees, just crying to know if this was the true church, or if she should go the church close to her house. It was raining all morning, and we can only teach her outside, so we wouldn't be able to go over if it kept raining. MIRACLE: It stopped raining, and cleared right up for us to go and teach her, and she said that's when she knew that this was the true church. It was so powerful, all she wants is to stand in front of Heavenly Father, and have him say, "Well Done, my child." Ah, I am so blessed to be apart of her life, and am so excited for her baptism. 

We have been working really hard to pump this area UP! There has been a lot of discouraging things going on in the ward, because it is shrinking fast, and so I have felt so strongly that it is time to really ignite the fire here in this ward. This Sunday a member was giving a talk and he finished it with this story:

There once was a really small town, with only one church in it. One day, it caught on fire and everyone from the town ran out to come and help water it down. Some came just to watch what was going on. The preacher was amazed. He said, "I didn't know so many people lived in this town. Why haven't they ever come out to the church before?" A man answered back and said, "Because the church has never been on FIRE before."

It hit my heart so hard. I felt so strongly that Jamestown Ward needs to start a fire, not literally of course, but really start burning brightly again. So, my companion and I are determined. We are really trying to give this area all we got, and let the Lord help us with the rest. 

Even though it was hard to leave my last area, and I am still adjusting quite a bit, and trying to get the hang of the culture here, I feel very strongly that this is where I am supposed to be at this time. And I am so grateful, that the Lord has a plan for me here on my mission. I feel like I will be learning some very important life lessons here. Ah, and the holiday season is on its way . . . and I am turning 20 in less than a week. Oh, I am so old. But I am very hopeful for this transfer and hope that I can overcome a lot of my fears. I am reading the New Testament right now, and Jesus always taught, "Be not afraid, only believe." I love that.  By golly, I will increase my faith and lose my fear if it kills me.

Jamestown, here I come! 

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