Monday, October 6, 2014

Jamestown: Finding Joy in the Journey!

I got transferred AGAIN!!! I am going to Jamestown, Tennessee, which is on the border of our mission,and absolute COUNTRY! I have wanted to go out to the sticks my whole mission, so that is a plus, but when the president called I just sank to the floor and sat there, HEART BROKEN! I was just in shock. AGAIN? AGAIN? What is the Lord's plan for me? Maybe he keeps breaking my heart, to let me know that all I need is a contrite Spirit and I am good to go. :)
I am all packed up again, and ready to start a new journey. A new adventure. My new companion's name is Sister Clyde and she was also trained by Sister Hargadon. Sister Hargadon will be in my district, so the family is coming back together. Let's pray President will let me stay there for a while. Crossing my fingers. Looks, like Zach and I are on the same path. He's on his way to Chile and I am on my way to the real South. Wish me luck! 

My week was amazing. On Monday night my Ward Mission Leader set up a concert for a Mormon string band called CrossStrung.

They play gospel songs and stuff. So, we got one of our investigators to come and he LOVED IT!! He was singing along, and we were having a great time. It was total fiddle country music, and I loved it. The mission has changed my heart ha ha. I swear I had more fun the all of the other YSA kids there. They were all hooked to their phones. Real life is such a fun sucker. Everyone, get off your phones and enjoy some FIDDLE MUSIC. Ha ha

Tuesday was SUCH A MIRACLE OF A DAY! We got to watch Meet the Mormons, which is sooo good. And guess what, my first companion, Sister Hargadon is IN THE MOVIE! Yep, she is that cool. You all have to go see it.

Then, I went on an exchange with a Spanish Sister in Mt. Juliet. My HOMELAND! MY BIRTHPLACE!! It was seriously so awesome. I taught half of the lessons in Spanish and half in English. I could actually understand the Spanish, and it made me think of Zach. I felt like I was in his shoes for a day. The Spanish people are literally so humble and kind and AWESOME! They lived in such meager, humble circumstances and they had such faith. Zach, you are going to LOVE CHILE! I also, couldn't say much to them because my Spanish is horrible, so I would bear my testimony and my companion would translate it into Spanish for me. It was rough to be unable to communicate. (Zach, you got this! Bear your testimony, that's all they need.) 

I also got to see some of my families from Mt. Juliet. I saw Jamie get off the school bus, and I yelled out, "JAMIE!!" Coolest 14 year old boy there is. I love that family! 

I also got to see my peeps, the Hendricks family. They have the best energy! I walked in, and they didn't know it was me because the lights were off and they were watching TV. I said, "You don't know who I am, do you?" They all looked up with a shocked expression and they all start yelling and hugging me.   Moments like these make the mission worth it. They yelled, "ITS THE ORIGINAL JESUS GIRL!" Ha ha. Then they grabbed my hands and said, "will you say a prayer for us?" It was just such a cool experience. I read them a scripture and committed them to come to church again, and read the Book of Mormon seriously. The 15-year-old daughter, whom I ADORE, kept looking at me and saying, "There is something different about you." I told her I was aging and she laughed, and said that the light that I carried was stronger. It really meant so much to me. 

Mt. Juliet caused me to reflect because everyone I saw that knew me 10 months ago kept saying how much I had changed, and how much more I talked. They said I was more confident. Sometimes you forget where you started from.

The rest of the week was full of miracles. One of my investigators committed to live the word of wisdom, and he is such a boss!  He told us this week, that this is the longest he was ever gone since he was 12 without drinking coffee. BOOYAH! He wants to get baptized, but his family is opposing Christianity in general. Pray that his family's heart will soften. He needs the gospel. He just LOVES it!

Ah, golly, Conference was too good! Gosh, its like the Super Bowl for missionaries. I was so into it, even though I felt so sad about transfers.

One thing that helped me was that I read a talk by President Monson, called "Finding Joy in the Journey." It is really good. It's in the October 2008 conference. He quotes the Roman philosopher Horace, “Whatever hour God has blessed you with, take it with grateful hand, nor postpone your joys from year to year, so that in whatever place you have been, you may say that you have lived happily.”

That really hit me. We never know how much time we have anywhere so we can't put things off until later. We need to enjoy now and make the most of it. And you know what, in my heart I feel like Jamestown is where I need to go. I can feel good leaving here because I worked my very hardest here. I learned SO MUCH HERE! And there were so so so many miracles. Probably more miracles than any other area thus far. I have had more investigators progressing here than ever. I am sad to leave them, but they will be taken care of. There is nothing I would take back. 

One of the members comforted me by telling me, "This is the best the missionary work has looked in our ward in a long time. What you needed to do must have been accomplished. It's time for you to go to Jamestown." 

That meant a lot to me. 

I am doing well today. I am ready. And most of all, I am willing.  


Sister Frampton

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