Monday, September 29, 2014

Street Racing Models. HA

Hey Everyone! 

Can I just say, what a week? Golly, I swear this week has been full and LOADED with some SUPER DUPER miracles. I hope I can remember them all and do it justice. My companion and I have been super busy, and have been running around trying to get everything figured out and organized. But its the best thing EVER. I love it. Love it. And LOVE IT some more. 

NOTE: All names have been changed to protect the interested.  

We are getting really close to baptism with some of our investigators and it has just brought so much joy to see so many people want to find the truth, and see the necessity of the gospel in their lives. After teaching and helping them this week, we walked into church and we had five of our progressing investigators there. HOLY MOLY! Three of them were sitting with member friends in the ward, and I was sitting next to the Gilmore Girls. It was her two kids first time at church ever, and they did really well. I learned how hard it must be to be a mom trying to keep your kids busy and quiet during Sacrament meeting. It was a workout. Oh, the joys of motherhood. 

The other investigator, Mitt Romney, was sitting with my companion a few rows ahead. It was wild. There was too much to do, and too many people to say hello to. I was just blown away with gratitude. It was fun to see the chapel filled with so many non-LDS people.  I just felt so strongly that this is what our chapels should be like every Sunday. 

Ah, and then the Primary President came and grabbed Lane and Rory and took them to class. Their mom saw a little boy run up to Lane and give him a high five, and she couldn't get over how awesome that was. She just kept replaying that in her head over and over. It taught me to never look over the little things--a wave, a smile, a high-five--to not take for granted the kindness we can offer to those, who might not be around the same environment. Oh, it was SO GREAT.

And Romney said, "You know, I have been to a lot of churches, and I have done a lot of research on your church, but the good really does outweigh the bad." 

And then we got to watch the General Women's Broadcast, Saturday Night, which was SO good. The Korean Choir full of little kids was so cute. It reminded me of my friend Hannah, who is serving a mission there. And the temple video. Ah. The sacrifices those people around the world make to go to the temple. They understand the divine blessings that come from the temple, even though it may be far its worth it. The mere fact that our church survived all of the hardship and persecution is a MIRACLE. The mere fact that it still stands today is a MIRACLE. We are fighting a hard fight, but golly, nothing but the POWER of God must be behind this church, because that's the only thing holding it together. Each member in this church is important. Each member plays a part in this church and in building the kingdom of God on the earth today. I was just astounded and felt this need to get out and fight the good fight. Who cares who is against us. There will always be opposition, so all we can do is glory in the gospel. Relish in the joy that it brings us and share that with others. 

Oh, I have to tell you the best part of the week, I almost forgot. This is too funny!!! Okay, so we were walking out of apartment last night, to go and contact a few investigators, and this sleek black car drives past us.  And then a few minutes later, that same black car pulls up again, and says, "Are you girls 18?" I said back, "We are over 18...why?" 

"Are you employed?" He said. 

 "Well, actually, we are missionaries. why?" 

"Well, I am looking for some models, for street racing, and when I saw you girls, I thought you would be perfect.!" HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHA

Oh my goodness, I guess I don't look as bad as I thought in my goodwill attire. SO FUNNY!! We actually kept talking to him, his name is Seven. Like the number 7 and he said he would be interested in hearing about our church. Don't worry, we will bring a member when we see him again. He was like this young 18 year old kid. I couldn't stop laughing about it the rest of the night. 

What a week right? I feel so good about the work we are doing. We are working really hard, and its so fun. And next week I have exchanges, and get this I will be in Mt. Juliet...I hope I see some familiar faces. And then Zone Meeting, where we get to watch the new Meet the Mormons movie, and General Conference. Boo to the yah. And transfers are the 7th of October too. Craziness.

Love yall! 

Sister Frampton

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