Monday, September 1, 2014

Smyrna Time


 Ahhh.....what a wild week for each and every one of us. This will be a week that none of us can forget. That's for sure. Ah, so much to say. Where to start? How about Monday night?

So, we went bowling with the YSAs on the military post for my last activity with them all. And MIRACLES HAPPENED. First, 30 people came. People we have been working to get to come to activites for ages came. Boo yah! Second, I bowled three strikes, and won against four military men. That's called Spirit Power. It reminded me of all the times we played as a family. That's our thing, ya know. All that practice paid off.  And third, the YSAs were so freaking awesome, they made it harder to say goodbye. Ah, but what an awesome, awesome, awesome way  to end my stay in Clarksville.

 Transfers, ah so sad. Two of my fav girls, Sinclair and Abbi came and dropped me off. But good news, my companion is a champion. Golly, she reminds me of my trainer. Go getter, hard worker, doesn't like to sit around, ready to do missionary work kind of a person. She's ready to go. 

The people here in Smyrna have been pretty nice. The ward mission leader, is the nicest! Guess what? You will just die, so I need a bike in this area...and I don't have a bike. So, before buying one, I decided to ask around the ward, if anyone would let me borrow a bike. The ward mission leader freaking bought me a bike! 

This area is a lot like Mt Juliet. It's only 30 minutes away from there. They have some pretty promising investigators too. One miracle that happened this week was, we prayed about where to go tracting. We decided on Bolton Drive. We get there, and as we were knocking, my companion says "We need to cross the street." Okay, we cross the street. And I look over at the next house and I hear in my head, "that's the house." So, we go knock that door, and the lady lets us right in!
And she really wants to get involved in church, and make a better future for her and her kids. It was awesome! 

 Anyways, so transferring areas is kinda hard. New place, new people, new apartment. Everything is new. And since I just got transferred, it's hard to get the energy to start over. Unpack again...learn new things again...ah...and I don't even know what happened to me, but this weekend my mind was soooo foggy, and unclear. Like my body felt fine, but I couldn't process anything, and I didn't feel like myself. I am the driver in this area, and I kept missing turns, and I would get out of the car and forget to take out the keys. And I kept saying, "focus Sister Frampton. FOCUS!" It's been the weirdest thing, I just told my companion shed have to excuse me for my brain aneuyrism. Maybe I'm just overtired.

 Ah, I'll get over it soon I hope. But funny thing,the scriptures you shared with me today Mom, that's exactly what I studied in the Book of Mormon this week. And 1 Nephi 21:15, that's one of my alllll time favorite scriptures, and it made me smile when I read it this week. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

 Well, that's pretty much my week, wild, exhausting, miraculous, and fuzzy. Love you and miss y'all.

 YOUR BIRTHDAY, happy 16th!! Love you more than you know. Don't date
 girls, they are gross. Ha ha


Sister Frampton

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