Monday, September 8, 2014

Hump Week

Hey Family,

How the heck are you? Are you doing okay? It has been an emotional couple of weeks for all of us. Golly, I am so sorry to hear about Chase and Carrie's baby. I will write them a note, will you send me their address? Those pictures are so cute. Henry surely had a special, unique purpose in this life. He was meant for them, and I know that they will see him again one day, and oh what a joyous day that will be. PURE JOY!

So, this week I officially hit nine months. Golly . . . what in the world! There was a Sister missionary who came home this week from Brazil, and we got to see her. She is just the coolest, but anyways, I just felt this overwhelming feeling of gratitude for her and her service. And the fact that she made it. SHE DID IT! A mission is not the easiest thing in the world, but it is the most worthwhile. And to see how happy her parents were to have her home, and to have her safe. Ah, it was emotional. I know that all the hard work I am putting in, will make it so worth it when I do come home.

It has been a hard week, not gonna lie. But right now, I need to focus on the work and find that motivation. Let it fuel me. I need to use the atonement to give me the strength to fight my battles every day. I am grateful for the thought you shared with me this week Mom. It was a needed reminder that Christ is always there, just watching, waiting and hoping we choose to seek him out. And that we need to trust in his plan.

Ah, some of the fun things that happened this week:

I got to eat oakra for the first time, and loved it. I thought it tasted great.

I got to ride in a red mustang with the top down for a lesson. (She said if I wasn't a missionary, she would blast some Queen. It's like she knows me! )

We met with this nice Jehovahs Witness lady and Church of Christ lady. The best part about it is we are all trying to convert each other. Its a funny conundrum of sorts. Who will win?  ha ha Just kidding, of course. Its not a competition. But I love learning and understanding their points of view. And I am learning so much about the Bible. The Bible is AWESOME!

We had Zone Conference this week, which was really good. It was fun because I got to see my two past companions again. Sister Gates and Sister Tagilala. It was fun reminiscing about old times. And you know what the funniest part is too? They have been in the same area since they left Thompson Station when I served with them, and I have hopped into two already, and stayed in Thompson Station longer than both of them. Mission time is so weird. But I learned so much about prayer. And I love hearing counsel from President and Sister Andersen. And, I get to go to the temple, which should be great. I really need the peace from the temple. It is coming right at the right time. Oh, and Zach's letter was awesome this week. It was so fun to hear how happy he was. How did I get so lucky to be related? He is going to create a storm when he gets to Chile.

I love you all! Send me some letters, I miss Garrett's pictures and Wyatt's great words of wisdom!


Sister Frampton

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