Monday, August 25, 2014

Sad Day


Sad day. I am getting transferred to Rock Springs, Tennessee. Back to a family ward. I am soooo sad about it. I don't mean to be sad, because really it is okay, but I was so sad in that moment that I got the transfer.  Why am I done already? I LOVE IT HERE! I gave everything I had to this area. And I loved the people, the place, ah there was so much to do. And I could feel that. It just hurt, like a break-up I guess would feel, I don't know. And we moved into an apartment three weeks ago, so I had finally unpacked all of my stuff, and felt settled in and thought I would be there for a while. Ah, I can't even explain. It was the easiest area for me to love, and I felt like myself. 

Ah, but the Lord has a plan people. I don't know what it is, but it is time for me to grow in a different way again. And you know what, it feels good to LOVE a place. I feel good leaving knowing I did all I could. And that soooo many miracles are about to unfold. What an awesome awesome area. Ah, Clarksville stole my heart. So, I am all packed and ready to go on to my new adventure in Rock Springs. It is another suburb of Nashville. This will be my third area that is a suburb of Nashville, and it is really close to Mt. Juliet. Where I started the mission. 

Its like I just started a new adventure and a new journey, but it ended too quick. And I am trying to find the heart, and energy to start going again in a new place. Rock Springs here I come. I'm going to love it there too! Finally, I am going to make those surburbanites realize the gospel is important! 

But seriously, the YSA have made my life saying goodbye. At church everyone was so kind and sad to see me go, oh golly. It was funny because this week I was just like, ah, I feel like they are my own kids. And I just want the best for their lives. I'm being ripped from my children . . .

Ah, and then Zach is leaving. What is this. Not allowed. Ahhhhhhhhhh, YOU ARE GOING TO DO SOOOO GREAT!!!! I don't even know what to say, but I love ya bro. I know you can do this, rely on the Lord and the SPIRIT. Go out there and LOVE those people and they won't be able to refuse you. Open your mouth, and speak your Spanish heart out. 

Miracles are about ready to pour down here in Clarksville. I can feel it. I can feel it. 

Wyatt and Garrett and Mom and Dad . . . what a weird time for our family huh? But its a sacred time too. We will talk about these times for years to come. I'm just so grateful for all the time we did spend together. And all the laughs and jokes. And all the love that we have for each other. Keep supporting Zach. He needs ya. I am hitting halfway, and becoming a really old missionary. Ah, so weird. This will be a tiring week for me, so just keep me in your prayers.  


Sister Frampton

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