Monday, August 4, 2014

Proud Momma Moments

This week, was such a wild and stressful week. I am mentally pooped. You know why? Because we moved. The apartment complex we lived in was sketchy (gun shots) so we moved into a safer neighborhood with two other sisters, so now there is four of us in a new place. Most of our time was spent cleaning and lifting, and packing instead of proselyting. Surprisingly, I missed it and felt weird inside, like I wasn't doing what I was meant to do. You never know what you love, until you don't have it anymore. So my goal is to keep loving every moment. Even the miserable moments, because hey, time is flying, and this is a once in a lifetime thing. And this is the Lords work, not my work. I will listen to what He says. 

On the bright side, FHE this week was so fun! Golly, we played games--BS, (baloney sandwich), spoons, apples to apples, and all of the YSA participated and were having fun. We had four investigators there, and afterwards everyone went to Sonic together. It was cool to see that bonding and that family tie that they all had. I left feeling so pumped, like we are moving in the right direction with all of them. I had a weird moment, running around taking pictures of everyone to capture the moment and make them feel important, where I thought, "Oh MY GOSH! I am turning into my mom. This is what my mom was so good at when she was in the YSA." 

And another highlight . . . wait for it . . . I GOT TO HOLD A ROOSTER! A real life rooster. Everyone here has farms and gardens, and this and that. And they let me hold a rooster. I was so nervous and scared, but it didn't eat me! Thank the heavens!

And Thursday, was moving day. So, after we played ultimate frisbee with the YSA for sports night, they loaded up into cars to help us move. It was SUCH AN AWESOME THING. Because we only asked like three guys to help us carry out our beds, but everyone just kept saying, I wanna come.  Oh I'll come too! By the end nine people came to help us out. In 15 minutes those Army men, had cleared out our bedrooms, fridge and dressers. Everyone was so cheerful and happily working. It stunned me and filled up my heart. 

I am not very good at letting people help me, and usually out here, we are the ones giving to others. I couldn't believe how humbled I was and grateful for the help! So much stress was lifted off, and it was so fun. We were driving up to our apartment with a train of 4 cars, and they just loaded it all into our apartment just as fast. I truly feel like I am their mother, and they are my children. And you know that feeling, when your parents are so proud of their kids? Well that was the feeling I had. Like my kids were making right decisions, and choosing to serve others! SUCH A PROUD MOM FEELING! And the more I get to know them, and their stories, I am so impressed by them. Some of them have been through rough times, or made bad decisions, but through the atonement, they are fighting their way back, and it's an inspiring thing to watch! 

And Friday, we moved in some more. We used a horse trailer, that had to be like 50 years old at least, to haul our couches and desks up. It was so southern and AWESOME! It was fun to be with the members, and see them take care of us. Oh, the world is so good (well some of it:)

Saturday was my companions 20th birthday! So that was fun! Me and the other two sisters living with us, decorated the whole apartment, I made her red velvet cake, and partied....missionary style. We committed two investigators to live the word of wisdom, and they were so accepting of it! Made me so happy, because they realized that it would help them live better lives. Then, we got to go to a baptism for the end of the night. The Elders were teaching him, but he is actually a YSA so he will join us. Happy days. 

Sunday, now this was a pretty good day for me, because it was the first fast and testimony meeting with the YSA. It was so much more personal and cool with only 18 people in the whole room. One guy blesses the bread and water, and one guy passes it to the whole room. It takes a total of five minutes. Isn't that wild? It's a neat experience. I was pondering this Sunday about what it must have been like to sit in a small room with Joseph Smith, and with so few members, when the church was just beginning. The Spirit must have been piercing. 

I wanted to bear my testimony because I realized this week that the first time I ever bore my testimony was when I was six or so, in Dad's Singles Ward. Rutee went first, and I promised I would go after her. And after I bore my testimony I felt the Spirit so strong, that I jumped into Daddy's lap and cried. I didn't think it was weird then, but now that I look back on it, I was an emotional child . . . ha ha. 

I got to share that story, and bear my witness of the truth of the restored gospel to these YSA. I felt the Spirit so strongly, and no, I didn't cry, but I realized that it wasn't anything I said that mattered. It's not about me. The gospel isn't about me, its about the Lord, and sometimes I have been selfish, wanting the greatness to somehow have to do with me. Boy, humble pie. It has nothing to do with me.

Afterwards I got to watch some amazing testimonies. I felt the Spirit so strongly my insides were shaking. MY VERY FAVORITE feeling in the world. And, one of the kids, it was his last sunday here before he goes back home to Utah, was inactive, and had been for awhile, until the military, and recently started coming to the YSA group here. He said it was his first testimony in over four years and he that he now recognize the Spirit and the difference prayer and scripture study makes in his life. What a miracle! I can't imagine the love God must have had for him at the moment. It shows me its never to late to turn your life around. He bore testimony that the atonement of Jesus Christ changed his life! We need to let it change ours. 

Love, Sister Frampton

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