Monday, August 11, 2014


Hey Family,

 Where to start with this week....

 I am really trying to change my desires and my will to Heavenly Fathers will, and use the atonement to get over my fears. You think it would get easier talking to people about the gospel, but gosh it doesn't. You just have to learn to rely on The Lord, and that's what I'm praying for.

And on the brightest, bright part, we have our investigator who is getting baptized this Saturday! Wahoooo! He is a 23 year old kid, who is a street minister for the Lutheran church. He used to hate
Mormons and the Book of Mormon . . . until he actually read it. Now he loves it, and loves the gospel. It is such a neat thing, I'm excited for him this week.

Also a bright spot, I got to go back to my HOME! Mount Juliet Tennessee!!! I got to go and see
Brian get baptized in the lake. It was the neatest experience. It was just the coolest setting. It reminded me of Wildwood church and Hawaii baptisms mixed into one. With metal chairs set up, and a make shift dressing room out of tarp, and the lake on the backside of us all. He was the dad of the first family I ever taught on my mission. THE MOST HUMBLE GUY! His wife was baptized almost a year ago, and I taught her, and her son was the one that got baptized while I
was there. I said the first vision for the first time, teaching Brian. It was a special special day. He was so excited to see Sister Hargadon and I.

 So, I was asked to give the Holy Ghost talk for the baptism. And my new goal is to stop saying what I want to say, and focus on what The Lord wants me to say and to do. And so, when preparing for the talk, I was just pleading with God to help me follow the Spirit. To say what Brian needs to hear. And when I was studying for talk, nothing was coming. Ah, I just kept thinking, " I can do this, I can trust the Spirit. He will give me the words to say, in the moment I need to say them." Boy, I'm such a planner, it was hard for me. I just wrote down some scriptures and a few points, and didn't worry about the rest. And you know what I will say, I was calmer than I thought. The gospel is

He looked so good that day, all dressed in white. He trimmed his hair, and shaved! He quit all of his addictions, and was ready to be baptized, "just like Jesus was" he liked to say. When he walked down into that water. I was speechless. I remembered my baptism, walking into the ocean, with dad. About to make an eternal covenant with my Heavenly Father. He looked so happy out there, and so humble. In a vast lake, you realize how big Gods creations are, and how small we are. I cried a little, I'll admit, but he deserved it. He has worked a long time to get here. The Spirit was there, I wish you could of seen it! Don't worry though, I'll send millions of pictures and I arranged a visit with them after the mission.

 So, after he changed, everyone gathered around and Sister Hargadon and her new companion sang a beautiful version of Come Thou Fount. With the trees behind them, I was overcome with the thoughts, "THIS IS WHAT LIFE IS ALL ABOUT. THE GOSPEL IS AMAZING. NOTHING ELSE EVEN MATTERS. I NEVER WANT TO LEAVE HERE." It was so natural, and so ahhhhhh I just was loving it. Soaking it in. And I was praying like a maniac, " help me, with this talk okay? Are you listening? Okay . . . I'm going up now . . ."

I went up and gave my talk, and I don't remember all that I said, but I remember that I felt the Spirit bearing testimony with me. I don't ask it for help enough, I try to do it alone, way too often. Man, I was so grateful. I looked at Brian and told him, " the coolest thing about your baptism, is not only were you baptized in Gods water, like you say, but by Gods authority." the priesthood authority of God is real, and it matters. I'm blessed to have had the opportunity to share that with him. We went out to Cheddars after and a huge rainbow came out as we were driving. The Lord had a big smile on his face for Brian:)

These are the moments all the pain is worth it. Ahhhh it's so happy! We drove home, back to Clarksville with my old saint of a mission leader, Brother Lemmon and Jamie came too! I got to talk to him about his life, and it was so good to hear how strong his testimony was. I love that kid. Bros, would you care if we took on a little brother. He's 14, and super awesome? Ha ha

 Sunday came and went quickly. The stake president came to the YSA branch, and I felt the Spirit so strongly. This weekend I noticed it more than I have in a while. He told the story of how Jesus Christ
 turned water into wine. That means Christ can change things. That means Christ can change US. I had never thought of that before. I like it. I'm eating that up. I'm growing my faith, that it's possible to change and overcome your weaknesses. So don't forget, Christ can change water into wine:) 


Sister Frampton

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