Monday, August 18, 2014

Misery and Miracles (mostly miracles)

Mom and Dad and Family!

This week, man what do I even say about this week. I'm kinda out of thoughts, I was exhausted this week, working as hard as I could for this area. I loooooove it here. I love the people. The place. The
group. I feel so strongly that the Lord is really trying to push this group further and wants us to search for his lost sheep. It's so cool to be at the beginning of something. We are the ones running the group for
the most part, it's wild. For example, my companion plays the piano, And this Sunday, I conducted the music, and gave a talk. I was so nervous, and I felt a little overwhelmed because I had so much going on. But what a blessing to be busy, I am sure not complaining. So anyways, I felt like a chicken
with no head, running from conducting, to sitting next to an investigator, to texting investigators on their way, to giving a talk, to conducting the intermediate hymn. Boy, it was like a marathon. But it  was so fun. You feel so needed, ya know.

But I am getting ahead of myself. So Tuesday, I don't know what it was about Tuesday, but that day was full or miracles. We were pumped. We taught a good lesson, and got a new investigator, and a less active actually texted us wanting us to teach him the lessons again. Turns out he is a returned missionary who knew Jared Banks from his mission. Small world. Anywho, the lesson went great, and we drove home smiling from ear to ear. And it all started from adding him on Facebook and inviting him to the activities again.

Wednesday was a funky long day. It just went on and on for some reason, and nothing went as planned. But hey, that's the mission life. And Thursday, we went on exchanges with the Sister Training
Leaders. I stayed here and my companion went down to Kentucky for the day. It was a day full of awesome craziness. The sister I was with--I just wanted to hug her forever. I was so grateful for all she taught me. Tracting is sooooo hard for me. We are supposed to tract an hour a day, and it is so miserable. My weakness is pouring out, but anyways, she just told me to embrace the awkward and go for it. She made it so enjoyable. I need to change my attitude, and embrace it. Wahoo tracting:) haha But we taught three great lessons--one with someone who hasn't been interested in the past, and he really opened up and told us why he doesn't like religion. 

Working up until Sunday was great. Going and going, and just trying to do all we can to build up this group, I love the challenge! I'm praying I stay for a long time here. Ha ha Don't tell President that. 

So, my topic for my talk was "Put your trust in The Lord" by Russell Ballard. It's a talk that was given in the October 2013 conference. I read it, read it, read it, and nothing was instantly coming to me. Ah, I felt like I was pulling teeth to find anything I wanted to say. Then, I realized, again, The Lord is trying to teach me to rely on the Spirit. Oh what a hard thing for me to do. But I just read the talk and prepared a few things to say, if I needed to say them and went for it. I was quite nervous, and I felt tempted to be grumpy. Boy was I fighting to not be grumpy. I made it through, and when I gave my talk, I felt the Spirit helping me. Ah, strengthens my testimony every time. I read the story of Zach giving out those Book of Mormons to the geologists. What a miracles that was. Everyone loved that story and came up to me afterwards to comment about it. Zach, you will be an awesome missionary! I can't believe he is leaving next week. 

Some great things are coming for this area. I just know it. I can feel it! 

Also, shout out to all of my wonderful brothers. Thanks for making so many great decisions and making good friends, and doing good things. I have so much faith and trust that The Lord is taking care of you. Thanks for not worrying me. I know that if you live the gospel, and take care of each other, it will all
work out. Just love each other.

Love y'all lots! I'll be praying so much for you because this week will be crazy. But it will be worth it. You guys can do it! 


Sister Frampton

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