Monday, July 21, 2014

Clarksville, BABY!!

I am now in Clarksville,TN! It is awesome and so different. We are right next to an army base called Fort Campbell and a college called Austin Peay (pronounced pee) (thought the bros would like that. ha) And everyone has a military haircut and is so young. I had a great first week. There are only like 10-15 YSAs who come to church and activities, and this is covering the whole stake. It's not like a Utah stake--it covers lots of Tennessee and Kentucky! Oh, and I have been to Kentucky officially! So sweet!
There are over 600 less active young singles in our stake. They better get ready, because
we are coming to find them haha! We are working on mapping them all out and using Facebook to really get people excited for this group. It is so wild to be at the beginning stages, but it is so fun. We have
family home evening, institute and sports night each week for them. We try to get investigators to come. It's awesome, and wild. I played volleyball last week, so I am looking forward to getting people to
come to basketball this week. And tonight for FHE, the YSA are having a snowball fight (flour fight). How hilarious is that?
The funny part of this area, is it isn't a Southern town. It's a lot of transplants because of the military. So this will be my third transplant area on my mission. Good news, we have a car all the time...what the
awesome! And the temperature was so cool last week, we couldn't believe it was summer.
We are working with a few investigators, and it is cool to see them searching to find if the Book of Mormon is true. One of them is a street minister and used to hate the Book of Mormon. Literally, he would tell people bad things about it all the time. And the week before I got here, the missionaries finally got him to read some of it. He loved it! And found out it was true. And it's hard for him now, because everyone is shocked. He says, "I was trying to avoid it, and pretend that God didn't tell me it was true!" Isn't that awesome!? The Book of Mormon is true people! Love it!
And a fun story--so my companion's mom has a friend that she had met online almost 10 years ago that is devout Catholic and from Indiana and she wanted to come visit my companion, Sister R.  Since Sister R has never met this woman she got it approved for her to come down and give her a church tour. It worked out perfectly, because Sister R had never done a church tour, but I used to do church tours EVERY week in Thompson Station. So, we got the church tour all ready to go. This woman from Indiana brought her son and she was the nicest thing on the planet, but her son was not happy to be there. He looked disgusted to be standing in a Mormon church. But we just kept on going, and took them through and taught them about Jesus Christ and the Restoration. It was neat to see Sister R get to bear a powerful testimony of the Restoration to a girl she loved.
And the best part of it all, was that when we walked into the Chapel, Sister R's friend from Indiana looked taken a back, and said, "I feel so peaceful in here. Wow, there is something strong in here. I felt it in all of the other rooms, but the Spirit is strong in here." She just wanted to soak it all up. Take it all in. She never wanted to leave, and was blown away. It was amazing realize that the Chapel really is a sacred place. I LOVE THE SPIRIT! And while Sister R was talking to her friend, I was talking to her son, helping him understand our church and also learning about the Catholic religion. I learned a lot, and it was funny because when we walked out, he said, "I think I have converted Sister Frampton to Catholocism." Ha ha, I must have been too nice about it all, oops! But it all paid off, because after we went to dinner with them, I looked at him, and said, "Well, do you think you will read the Book of Mormon now?" And he said, "Yes, I always say, you can never stop learning!" This was a miracle!! From looking grossed out to be in our building, to smiling and taking a Book of Mormon. Ah, we walked away from that feeling like they now know the TRUTH about what the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has to offer. And Alex posted on FB about how thousands of his dead ancestors are rolling in their graves because of the BEAUTIFUL  tour he received of a Mormon church. 
It was a great week. My companion is so amazing, and kind, and a hardworking missionary. I am so grateful and she is teaching me so much, and makes me feel so calm. And she is funny! I have so much motivation to do all I can for these YSA. They need to feel a part of a family and something great.

Love, Sister Frampton

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