Monday, July 14, 2014

You will never believe it!


So, big news. Actually unexpected news. I am getting transferred! I am leaving Thompson Station and going to Clarksville. And get this--this is the biggest part of the whole thing, I will be working with the Young Single Adults! And it's not big enough to be a ward, or even a branch. Its what we call a twig or a group. How crazy is that?? And Clarksville is right on the border of Tennessee and Kentucky so I am really hoping that I get to be in parts of Kentucky. That is all I know for right now. I am so excited for this new adventure. It really will be an adventure, completely different. I won't be in a family ward anymore. Oh gosh! So exciting.

My new companions name is Sister Rokovitz. Ha ha, I always get the companions with the sweet names. But gosh, transfers are such a bitter sweet thing, that's for sure. You are excited for a change, but sad to leave the people you are leaving behind. And you know what the funniest part of it all is? This week has been a great week! FULL OF MIRACLES!!

We got into potential investigators homes and taught them the Restoration. They were super nice about it, and said they would read The Book of Mormon and that we could come back. What the what? Seriously AWESOME! And then, one of the girls in the ward is dating this non-member boy who is so prepared to hear the message of the restored gospel, it is wild. He is reading The Book of Mormon, and after coming to our church, he said he can feel a difference in the Spirit here. It is "BETTER" and he always wondered why, if God never changes, there are no more prophets and apostles. I was jumping for joy. This kid totally rocks! And you know what? He went to his church yesterday and I guess they were bashing on Mormons the whole time. He couldn't believe they were doing that, and he told me half of the things they said weren't even true. The best part of the story is he wrote me on Facebook and said, "Jesus Christ would never sit there and bash another religion."

True, or what? So, we have all these investigators now, and all the things I have been working to build here for a while are finally starting to come to pass, so it must be my time to leave. It's so funny because I was so excited to email you all this week and tell you of all the spiritual miracles that happened. Ha ha, but my mind is all over the place with transfers going on. It is stressful packing, and trying to say goodbyes and thank yous, and teach people and yada yada. Tonight we have dinner with a less-active family that never lets us in . . . MIRACLE!!! But it will cut out a lot of the goodbyes, but hey, mission life. Hopefully, we can get them feeling the Spirit again.

Sorry, my mind literally is all over the place. Transfers are the most bitter sweet times. And I am reflecting. Did I do enough? I know I wasn't perfect, but that's okay right? That's okay right? You know the usual mind games. I had some of the hardest times in this area, and I hope I learned what I needed to learn.  I am grateful to start fresh somewhere else, but there are great families here. But I will be back one day. It will all work out. It always does. I read Alma 37 yesterday, and it really helped me because it talks all about the wisdom of God, and that all things are done in the wisdom of Him who knoweth all things. And that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. We will see for sure where this next journey leads me. Can  you believe I am working with the YSA?  I never thought that would happen in a million ba-jillion years. So wild!

I am sending a box home with the Andersens because I want them to come and meet you and try to set up things with Kent, if possible. He is from Roy, so it is really close to Ogden. I am so glad you all had such a great time at Island Park. Even though it was a small crowd, it sounds like the best crowd of people in my book. I'll be there next time! I just cant get over the Kent thing though, I mean, maybe that's why I was here. Who knows?

And Sister Broome is the best! She LOVES YOU! She is going to make me a mission album. She is literally like a professional scrapbooker. It is crazy. I am so excited about it. She says she wants you to send her pictures of the day I left for my mission and then earliest to later or something. Talk with her on that, but how cool!! And she said we are always welcome to say at her house when we come and visit. She is like the best cook, so that sounds like the best idea I have ever heard.

Anyways, boy oh boy, today is going to be a crazy busy, but fun day. Sister Gopinath is taking us up to Franklin to eat lunch and go to some fun thrift shops, and she took in those two huge skirts I had from the start of my mission. Remember those, how they were falling off? No worries, they fit great now, so it is pretty much like getting new clothes now. Ha ha I got your package with the clothes. Thanks so much. I am excited to wear those things! I will probably get the other one tomorrow.

Ah, I can't believe Zach's mission is coming up. WOW!! This is a huge week for Zach. Oh my golly, tell him good luck. Opposition always comes before the temple. Just remember that and help him see through that. Remember what happened to me the night before? It happens to everyone, from what I have seen out here. It is so strange. Just keep an eye out and pray hard core. 

Summer is getting closer to ending. Time is flying. This next transfer will be my halfway mark. That blows me away. Sometimes I have to smack myself and be like, "Sister Frampton, you are a missionary. You are on your mission. The moment you have been waiting for for years. Can you believe it? Enjoy it! Make the most of it!!"

Do you like my blabbering letter?I love you all! Email me back! Talk to you soon. Thanks dad for your letter too, I loved it

I will pray for Wyatt too. We got to heal that leg. Did you say he got a blessing of healing with oil? I cant remember, but if not, you should get that done. Also, teen camp. Boy oh boy. So cool. They will have fun at that. Lots of exciting news.

And from what I have heard Sister Rokovitz is awesome. She is from Spanish Fork I think. So, yay, and I will be out in the more country, and I think by a college, and a military base. So much excitement.

Pray for me to adjust and that everything goes smoothly for me today. Big week ahead for all of us. I love you guys. Best family in the world. Hope you liked the pictures I sent home this week.

Marly, Natasha, and McKinli Andersen

Devin Gopinath and James Ferrucci

Good ole Aunt Sharon

Sister Helliquist

The Price Family

Marabeth and Aidan Poole

Julia, Valeria, and Olivia Broome

Nina and Lynda Gopinath

Sister Fitzgerald and Sister Albert 

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