Monday, July 7, 2014

Ready for a MIRACLE?

Okay, first off, thanks for all the letters, and for the package that I got this week. I wore the green polka dot dress to church yesterday, and I loved eating the seaweed! It sounds like  you all had a great fourth as well. Mom, thanks so much for talking to Sister Broome. You were an answer to her prayer. She thinks you are just everything that is good about the world, and not like a Utah girl at all:) She was having a bad day, but you made her so happy, and she can't stop talking about you! I was so proud to hear that. Oh it is so fun to all serve together as a family.

And ready for this? Oh man . . . Dad, you are just going to die. Because I died!

So, I was at the fourth of July ward party talking to my ward mission leader because he was about to give a ride home for the night. He was talking about how a counselor in the stake presidency served in Vina del Mar, Chile (just like Zach will) and he served in another part of Chile. I told him that is where my brother is going and I had two uncles that also served in Chile. I said, "I guess you would have remembered an Elder Frampton if you had met him." And he starts thinking. "Wait, I did meet an Elder Frampton. I HAD A COMPANION NAMED ELDER FRAMPTON. I don't know why I haven't put that together yet." I was like, "Which one. What was his first name?"He was describing him and it really could have been Paul or Kent. It was crazy.

Then, he goes home and checks in his attic where all his mission stuff is. Back in the day all the missionaries had little pictures of themselves that they would pass around to each other so that they would remember. He thought it would have taken him at least an hour to search through all the pictures he got. Get this . . . he opens the box, and there is one picture that stood alone on the top of the box.

He was Uncle Kent's mission companion. Can you believe that? And on the back, Uncle Kent wrote him a note, about how much he liked him, and they would be friends forever ha ha. But he ended with, "Love ya Bud." KENT STILL SAYS THAT! Isn't that wild?

Brother Tim Andersen is my ward mission leader's name. They were companions for only a month, at the beginning of Kent's mission. He told me how hard working he was, and smart and a great mission companion. They loved working together and saw great things happen in the area. I was already in so much shock. Small world, mixed with hints of divine intervention.

And then, the next day, Brother Andersen got a Facebook message from a person he baptized in Chile. It had been over 20 years since he had talked to him. this guy searched him out. The two people's names are Christina Gonzalez and Christian Novoa. Guess what they asked him? They said, "How is Elder Frampton doing?" And went on and on about how much Kent effected their lives. Christina was Elder Frampton's FIRST BAPTISM on his mission. At least that's what I know. And they are active, and one is a Bishop now, and they have been looking for Kent and Brother Andersen for a while. I found this out at church, and I almost started crying. I felt the Spirit so strong. God is looking out for his children, and he definitely is looking out for Uncle Kent. WHAT A MIRACLE!

Oh my gosh, please tell Uncle Kent. My ward mission leader is coming out to Utah at the end of July, and he wants to meet the family. And he said he would love to meet up with Uncle Kent, and at least get his contact information so that these people could get a hold of Kent. Also, Brother Andersen said he would be willing to take anything to you all or bring anything back for me that I would need or want, so be thinking about that.

Ah, it was such a spiritual weekend in that way. Transfers are next week. I find out this Saturday if I stay or go. I have mixed feelings about it. In some ways, I feel like if I leave now, I will have let the area beat me with discouragement. I don't think I am done learning from these people and this place yet. All of the people even close to progressing went on vacation and have been gone for over a month and come home right before/after transfers. And now it is my comfort zone. But in other ways, I want to move on, start new. I have the hardest time with MONOTONY! Ah, I have been having a hard time with studies because it is so hard for me to sit still and do the same thing every day. I need to have a renewed energy and focus on studying my scriptures. A renewed charge of feeling the Spirit. Does that make sense? I don't know. We will see.

This week was hilarious and interesting because we had a lot of people bash with us, and not say the nicest things. Oh gosh, the mission life. But what they say doesn't make sense to me at all. It doesn't speak true to my heart or my soul. It's very interesting,because I have got Anti-Mormoned like a beast out here. And I know that is why lots of people leave the church. So, in a way, I am grateful to have heard it all before I leave my mission and work it out and pray for my testimony to be strengthened so that I don't let it affect me later. It's really pish-posh stuff. Anything that you want to prove wrong, you can. You can do that with every religion. Until you reach a point where there is no God at all.

And I am learning, that before you can believe any religion, you need to understand who God is and have a relationship with him. Start there. Start praying. Find out if God exists and then work on understanding the rest. HAVE FAITH! The blessings will come and the peace will take over all the worries you have.

I was talking to this lady and I asked her about her journey to understanding who Christ was. She isn't a member, but it was fun to hear her insights. People teach me things all the time. I love that people want to talk about the gospel here. Anyways, she was saying that she believes that God built us with a void--a missing piece that cannot be filled with anything other than the gospel and our relationship with Heavenly Father. It rang true to my heart. And I remembered a conversation I had with Dad like four or five years ago. We were driving in the car, and I was struggling. I felt like something was missing. And I was just jabbering on about how I felt this hole in me, and I didn't know how to fill it. I didn't feel complete. And dad, you told me something I never forgot. That we all have that hole, and we can only fill it with God. With gospel truths. With the Spirit. And everyone feels it, but not everyone knows how to fill it. People try to fill it with drugs, or girls, or worldly this and that. But it is not lasting or satisfying.

It was a good reminder. We all need to be spiritually nourished. Ah, I love those moments.

I won't lie, every day is a different fight, but a fight non-the-less. Some days I rise to fight the fight, and some days I am not up for the battle. But the Lord helps me out a lot. The Lord forgives me for my weaknesses, and is slowly helping me learn to be the person He needs me to be here.

I am so grateful for the gospel. And my family. And the testimony that is growing in my heart.

I sure hope you all have so much fun at Island Park this next week. That sounds like a blast. You are going with the best parts of the family. Can you pray to have missionary experiences while you are there. LOVE. Be an example of how the gospel is supposed to be lived. I love you all and can't wait to hear more from you!

God's plan is a whole lot bigger than I realized! 

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