Monday, May 12, 2014

Slow and Steady Wins the Race


Man, I cannot tell you how much it meant to me to talk to you all yesterday. It was so weird to see you standing there and you all looked the same. It was like, WAHBAM, REAL LIFE again! It just reminds me how much I love you and how grateful I am for you.

Thanks for comforting in me in my hard times. I really was praying that you guys would say something I needed to hear. And it hit my heart and really helped pick me up and help me move forward. I realized how much joy and happiness matter. And its important to search and find it in all things. I remembered a lot of my old self, and how I used to love to cheer people up and help them, and sometimes here I forget that. Yesterday, was a tender mercy in and of itself. After, I got off the Skype with you, I did NOT want to tract doors. I wanted to have a silent moment and just pray. But we were lucky enough to visit with lots of members, and for the first time I felt like I clicked with them and I was friends with them. You forget how long it takes to build relationships sometimes, and so it was so fun to get to feel settled and at home in peoples homes. We wrote mothers day cards to the moms in the ward that have looked out for me and Sister Lala. I really needed that. Things are going to get better, I have a good feeling!!

I didn't realize that you guys only know a small portion of the things that go on everyday and the miracles that happen. I want to try and convey the miracles that do happen, because that is what makes the mission worth it. The moments where I have felt the Spirit strongest, and felt it comfort me, have meant the absolute most to me. I hope Zach, that when you go on your mission, you focus on the Spirit. It seems, like Duh! But I have forgotten that on several occasions, and that's when discouragement comes. Just relish in the Spirit, it makes you happy!

Also, random question, Did Papa ever use say, "sweetheart"?

What else, oh miracle today at Walmart grocery shopping: That lady that we took to Sweet Cici's and talked to her about the plan of salvation, we saw her again. And she told us she is breaking up with her boyfriend!!! MIRACLE!! (because she lives with him) The Lord is preparing her, that's all I am saying. She asked me about sister wives too, and I was grateful to clear that up for her. I used to think that show was funny, but boy does it create issues for us out here.

Hmmm...I get to go on exchanges this week with an awesome sister, and I have president interviews, so this week is looking up! Slow and steady wins the race right? Or am I right? Ha ha

Did you see the Mormon missionaries on CNN last night? I had a lady in our ward text you about it. Those missionaries were my zone leaders in my last area. Elder Bishop is the one that I beat playing tennis that one day. Crazy huh? I wish we could watch some of it, we will see.

I can't get over what a cool family you guys are! Ah, I just love ya to death. Seriously, I was so lucky and blessed. And we will all be blessed for the service we give to the Lord. I was called to Tennessee for a reason. I am in Thompson Station for a reason. I knew before this life that I would serve here, and I am going to do all I can to fulfill that purpose. Zach and the boys, there are people around that need you, specifically! Never forget that! Not just any missionary can do your job. I heard a story recently that this old couple joined the church, and got their patriarchal blessings. In it, it said that they would have joined the church much earlier if the missionary they needed would have chosen to serve a mission. WOW. Isn't that wild! Keep that purpose in mind. I feel so comforted that Heavenly Father is looking out for you boys.

And Mom and Dad, oh I sure do love you guys. Thanks for how you raised me. You never made me feel bad for anything I was, and I am forever grateful! I needed that pep talk. That's what I remember most about home. I could always here a good talk that would boost me up. Those were good times. Remember the famous, "I LOVE IT!" and "GO FOR THE GUSTO" You might want to type those out and send it to me, so that I can print it and read it on a bad day! Ha. You guys mean the world to me. You've given me so much love! Its awesome. 

Sister Ashley Hacker

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