Monday, May 26, 2014

Letter to Dad

Thanks for such the kind letter this week, Dad. It always means so much. Things have been going pretty good. This next week has a lot of tracting in store, so we will pray like a boss for divine help. It's cool to hear about your garden and everything you all are getting done in the house. What have you been up to today, I hope I get an email back before Pday ends. 

I can't believe Zach is graduating already and then will get ready for his mission. And it is summer for everyone. It blows me away, because it's the first not really summer for me haha. I really realized that I love to be busy. To be actively doing something and being energized from that. It is hard for things to move slowly and slowly! Haha, too much time to ponder. Balance is key!

This is the last week of the transfer, and my companions birthday, so we will see if we stay together or what, I think that I am staying in the area for a while longer. At least over the summer. I don't think I have learned my lesson yet from this area. Dad, you know how I used to get really down in the dumps about lots of things. And you guys would try to help me see all the good things, and I couldn't see it. I wonder now, if The Lord is helping me find inner happiness or ways to cope and to find it in the hardest of situations. So that when I go home, I can use that to find the joy in life. Enjoy the journey ya know, even when the journey isn't everything you thought it should be. Ya know?

So we will see. I love you so much, and am grateful for your example. I think that you have taught me so much about how our real Heavenly Father loves us. About unconditional love, and time spent showing love and care. 

Ah, the gospel is true. I feel that so strongly. The opposition and the hard hearts are strong too. But we are planting the seeds and things will come out of it. I hope you have such a great week, and I hope the family is doing okay!

Love, Sister Frampton

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