Monday, April 21, 2014

Humble Pie

So each week, I'm racking my brain to think of a fun way to tell y'all
what I learned. Cause to tell you the truth, sometimes what I learn
isn't very fun. But that's what creative writing is for right?
No, but seriously, it's amazing how grateful you become for simple
things. Like a good juicy apple. Or time for a ten minute power nap
during lunch. Or a funny unexpected joke. Or the little tinge of the
Spirit running through your body telling you it's all okay, and it
will all work out. Those are the moments that make you smile and make
you reflect.

It's been a reflective couple of days, because first, it's's Easter!! Second, transfer calls came in this week and
I realized that I have been out in the field now for 4.5 months. And
third, I found out that I am staying in Thompson Station, still
training, but my other companion will be leaving the fabulous trio. So
I thought...I have been out quite a while, what have I learned? What
effect have I made in the areas I have been in? Have I found joy in
each situation? Have I overcome trials and pushed through the hard
times, or have I let the hard times harden me?
I always thought, okay, you go on a mission and BAM, you are changed.
If that's what you go on a mission for, think again. You have to let
the mission change you. It is a thought and an absolute choice whether
or not to let the mission change you. So now comes the question! Have
I let the mission change me yet? And I don't know. I think I am
finally catching on to what mission life really is. I know...I'm
slow..but I really am starting to see my mission vision.
Anyone serving a mission, I would encourage all of you to make a
vision for your mission while you are preparing. Put it up where you
can see it. Do you want to be an obedient missionary? Do you want to
be best friends with each companion? What relationship do you want to
have with God? I'm sorry I'm so full of questions today, but as I look
back, I wish I would of made a picture of what I wanted my mission to
be like. Because you make the experience happy or miserable. It's all
in the choice you make. And the adversary tries to blind your vision.
Don't let him. Continually open your eyes to the vision The Lord has
for you.
I'm 4.5 months in, and that's time I can't take back. Oh, I sure
haven't been the perfect missionary, but who is? I want to take what
I've learned and be better. Strive to live more like my Savior no
matter what comes my way.
This Easter season, has really been the closest I have felt to my
Savior in a long time. At least on Easter. I read so many talks, and
read the Bible account of the Resurection in all 4 gospels, and I
studied the word Resurection in the bible dictionary. You better
believe That I went gung-ho on Easter. My heart was so filled with
excitement and happiness. I knew it was true. I know that the Savior
lives and it's because of Him that I can live with my family again in
my awesome resurected form. I'm so grateful for that.
It really hit me that without the Resurrection, Jesus Christ would
have been a great prophet in the eyes of many. It would have been a
whole lot easier to question His divinity and ask if that man was
really the Son of God. And that is why Gordon B. Hinkley boldly says, "This was not an ordinary thing. It was the greatest event in human history. I do not hesitate to say that."

It was huge! I have felt so numb to the knowledge that yes in fact, He
did rise the third day. But not everyone can do that. I don't know why
I have not totally contemplated the huge reality of what a miraculous
thing it really is. I'm so grateful for all that Jesus Christ did,
even if it took me a long time to figure that out.
My companions and I are singing in a musical presentation at church,
called the Garden. Its by Michael McClain, and it's the coolest idea.
There are 4 characters who are struggling in the garden with different
things, like a seedling, a barren tree, and a milestone, and you see
the adversary working on them, and then the Savior comes in and
performs the atonement, singing the famous prayer to his Father. Ah,
it's the most touching thing to hear, and sing with. I never imagined
being an object in the garden watching the Savior suffer, it's whole
new perspective that has really made me think.
Well, if you haven't realized yet I love talking about Jesus Christ.
It's a Southern thing, ha ha. This week was a lot of reflection. In
other words, a big fat piece of humble pie. Now, I just need to figure
out how I can do better and work on the things that are hard. But most
importantly, I want to enjoy this journey. And every journey.
So, I wish all of you joy on your journeys this week! 

p.s. I just got back from Nashville! So fun! sister Gopinath took us out there. She is the craziest, nicest lady ever. She is all into being your natural self and into this book written by Carol Tuttle. It's all about Dressing your truth. You should tell grandma about it. I'm a type 2. Calm, chill, I'm the worrier of the world. Etc. etc. ha ha. But it's really fun. She took us out to the Pancake Pantry. Apparently the most famous pancake shop in Nashville, and there is always a line to get in. I got the Parisienne Pancakes, and it was obviously the best choice!! Haha, the French stuff always pays off. Then, I got myself another mission bag. I couldn't resist, haha, so I just treated myself. I thought you'd be proud. We walked around the boutiques and the old little bookstores. Sooo fun! It's nice to get out and do something. But I felt the Spirit of the World. I'm not used to it anymore. It feel sooo heavy and out of control. You don't realize the veil you have as a missionary, until you get out of it for a second. Its shocking actually.

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