Monday, March 10, 2014


Thanks for all the emails this week. I was so overwhelmed with Joy over the whole basketball news that I was crying this morning when I read all of them. Literally, I am the most proud sister that there EVER EVER WAS!!!!

YOU WON STATE AGAIN!!!!! I can't believe it! I was praying really hard for you guys all week. I knew how hard you boys worked and that you guys deserved it!!! Oh man, so much deserved it!!! I have been there for the past 3 years, and so I sent a part of my Spirit in an empty seat cheering SUPER LOUD!!! I hope you guys felt it there.

Zach, I am so freaking proud of you. What an amazing man you have turned out to be. Not only how great your talents are, but also how hard you work for them is inspiring. I am trying to harness that talent out here in the field. I always had so much hope that all of the boys would turn out to be nice, kind, God-loving people. And I am so honored to be your sister and to hear all of the wonderful things you are doing. You are being a light to the family, your school, and all those who are watching your basketball team. Thanks for being everything I could have hoped for in a brother. I made the best decision in Heaven to be a part of our family!!! I miss you and I am sorry that I missed your game. But when I heard about all you did, I feel like Heavenly Father filled me up with just a little of His love that He has for you. He loves you soooo much and is so happy for all that you have accomplished. But not only that, but by the way you accomplished it. Always turning to the Lord in all things. I am so proud of your decision to serve a mission. You are already so prepared because of your mental toughness. That is the hardest part of a mission. If you can beat your head, you can do anything out here.   Anyways, that is my letter to you this week.

Also, the twins!! Man, how did it feel to be apart of a state championship game!!! Wahoooo!! I heard you guys got in and got to play!!! What an amazing experience. I want you to know that I am so proud of you guys too! You have worked so hard this year to get better at school and basketball. It is so cool to see you guys change and grow and become the coolest kids around. I would never trade  you for anybody else!! Haha!! I have heard the stories of how much work you put in basketball. Thanks for showing me how to be brave and courageous and never backing down from a challenge!!! I love you! WAY TO GOOOOOOO!!!!

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