Monday, March 24, 2014

Prayer and Attitude

Anyways, this week I learned two things: the importance of prayer and attitude. Now, bare with me if everything I say is like, "Duh!!!" I am a slow learner! 

So, this week, the whole ward was partying up with Spring break and we didn't have a car, so that means walking for days! And literally, we walked for days!! It would take an hour just to walk where we needed to go and then we would tract that area for a while, and then walk an hour back. It could have been MISERABLE!! It could have been AWFUL!! But I realized that it is all about the attitude you have. My new philosophy is that, if you can be happy while tracting, you can be happy through any trial that comes your way in this life. I know when I come home and something bad happens, my response is going to be, hey, it could be worse. I could be tracting!! So, that was my goal. And you know what, it wasn't half bad. I don't mind walking that much, so I was trying to make jokes, sing, talk about the gospel, name the roads we were walking on ,compliment my companions, whatever I could think of, and I had lots of time to think. Just making light of the situation. Sometimes, my companions weren't the happiest and I felt like the donkey in Shrek. You know what I mean, the annoying passenger. And I even said that out loud, and no one it must have been true. But you know what? Donkey was happy and so was I. I am out here to serve, and I might as well try to be happy doing. And when you knock on door after door, never knowing what to expect, you just keep going and try to improve on the next door.

It really made the time go by faster, and at the end of the day, when I put my feet up, I felt accomplished. It is amazing how your attitude can change things. I know there is so many times that I could of had a better experience if I just would have changed my attitude. Turn my frown upside down, you know what I mean? And gosh, I am not great at it at all. Not even close. And it didn't really change the happiness of the others around me, but Shrek's have lots of layers, and you just got to take the time to peel them back.

And with walking, comes prayer. You have a lot of time to pray and really ponder on the gospel. You pray a lot as a missionary, but I really do love it actually. I need so much help every day and because I can't ask my dad and my family for help, I cry out to my Heavenly Father. I know he hears me and helps me along the path. My mind was opened yesterday too, by a talk in sacrament meeting. She compared Heavenly Father to a friend. What if you were talking to your friend, but wanted to watch television longer so you hurried and left them mid-conversation. What if you wanted to listen to music really loud, but your friend was over so you just yelled over it real fast to get the message across. What if your friend was talking to you and you were thinking about what to eat next, or what you are going to wear, or whatever the thought may be. Your friend would not be happy! You haven't taken anytime to actually listen, or talk to them. You blew them off for other things.

This analogy really struck me, because I know that I do that all the time. I am so tired, that I make it a short prayer. Or I start dreaming during the prayer. Or I pray because I am supposed to pray not because I actually want to talk to my Father in Heaven. Ah, I realized that I want Heavenly Father to know how much I love him and care for him. I don't mean to put other thoughts before him, but I fall into that trap. It really encouraged me to make my prayers real, and more meaningful. Like I am talking to a great friend, that is always there to listen, and only asks for a little bit in return. I started to make my prayers sincere and just talk to him and on and on, because I know he wants to listen. I have felt the Spirit more, and more and it has helped me to feel comfort and peace throughout the day.

I know this seems random, but having a better attitude and praying like I mean it has helped me through all the crazy hard stuff the mission throws at you. I know Heavenly Father is listening. I know that he cares, and loves it when we take the time to really talk to him. I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is real. When I have faith, and repent, there is a difference in my heart that I can't explain. Sometimes, it freaks me out. Like, THIS IS ACTUALLY REAL! It's real people. Use the knowledge that we have. Why not right? Smile and Be Happy. Go for the Gusto. Sing the song of redeeming love! (Alma 5:26)

Love Sister Frampton

P.S. This is my trying to be like Zach pumped for mission face.

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