Monday, March 3, 2014

Pigs DO Fly

Last week was one of the hardest weirdest weeks of my life. 

At the beginning of the week I went on exchanges with the sister training leader over my
area and it was awesome. I felt so included and got to teach and bear
my testimony lots. I was back on a high, and ready to work and role-play with my companion to teach better. Then a huge thunder and
lightening storm hit, with lots of rain, and a chance of a tornado, so yep ... got called in early. When I came back to Mt. Juliet, oh my, the most weird powerful spiritual experience of my life ever happened, but it's too personal to tell you all what happened. 


Jamie and Mikie got baptized. They got haircuts, and Mikie shaved his
beard! They bought a shirt and tie--first ever. They both want to go on missions now and want to go teach with the elders on the weekends. they have changed through and through--a true miracle, start to finish.  Sadly, heart-breakingly, we didn't get to go to the baptism. We have been emergency transferred to Thompson Station. But I heard that Mikie bore his testimony in Sacrament meeting yesterday. 

I also heard that Michael, our first baptism, helped pass the sacrament and received the priesthood. Ah, I'm SO proud of them. And I'm so lucky I got to be a part of all that.

My heart is hurting though. We left sooooo many people behind. Darn it. Life is just one big fat learning experience after another. My heart is still not over it.

Fortunately, I did get to say goodbye to the Marys! 

And guess what!!!
PIGS DO FLY. Mary Ruth stopped smoking, and she is getting baptized on Saturday! Wahooooooo. In a river, (so, Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou) because she loves the outdoors and she was inspired by my baptism story. I hope my mission president lets us go back to see it. 

I got to hold their duck. I held a DUCK!!!! His name is Jumper.

So now I am in Thompson Station. It's on the other side of Nashville. I found out that Billy Ray Cyrus lives in our ward boundary. Miley Cyrus grew up here, and one of the members' nephews got his first kiss from her when he wss nine years old. ha ha

Thompson Station is Suburbia if I ever saw it. It's been rough trying to get investigators because everyone is so comfortable and busy. They don't see why they need to listen to our message. We are in a trio now. Our third companion is great and her companion went home early so she has had it rough too. To top it all off, we got a call from president today telling us that my new companion's grandpa passed away last night. Watching her cry made me cry. It's been such a sad morning and man....nobody else's grandpa can die!

We are trying to think of different ways to get people to listen to our message because our area is pretty small and it has been tracted many times. We have had to get creative . . . 

New Companion: Sister Mitsy Gates
We decided to try to make the community feel needed and involved--give them a reason to step out and help, as well as get them to the church tour they do here. It is an awesome way to get people to understand our message. 

I really needed this week. I learned to enjoy my mission more. Even though the move was hard, I had so much fun laughing and working hard. We didn't have much luck getting people to listen to us, but it was fun to laugh and make the best of hard times. 

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