Saturday, November 2, 2013

What is my life?

Let me catch you guys up...So little time and so much to do...

Plus, this week I treated myself to a nap! The best nap of all time.

But that is beside the point, the point I am trying to make is that Roger Federer is a TENNIS BEAST!!

I was dying all day thinking of the fact that I would get to see him play that night....

Then...I just hopped on the metro, and came out to a mass of people waiting to get into the match. And who was playing on the screen before...Nadal. Oh man, that was the closest I probably will ever get to Nadal. He was in the building...and I would of gone to that match too, but I had class. Darn, school.

After he finished, we all rushed in and took our seats. The excitement filled the air. The light show started and out came Federer....oh my gosh. It was unbelievable, like really, is this my life? How did I get here?

The poor guy playing against him was Kevin Anderson. He is from the Republic of South Africa and he did pretty well, but I felt so bad for the guy. Can you imagine mentally preparing for that match?

If I wasn't Mormon, I probably would have convinced myself that I was looking at a real life Tennis God. Too bad I don't believe in false idols...

He just looked so confident, straight faced, and made it all look so easy. He made it look like a kids game. He even would perfectly hit the loose balls to the ball people, and the crowd would cheer, it was that precise.

The final game score was 6-4, 6-4. I wanted it to keep going. Fastest hour or so of my life. I was secretly rooting for the other guy to make it harder for Federer. But hey, I am so lucky I got to witness one of the greatest players out there. The whole crowd cried, "Roger, Roger, Roger"

And then after he won, he spoke in French. I saw the French side of him, it was weird, but awesome. What a moment, and I didn't realize how great it was until he walked off the court. I was screaming, "COME BACK!!" (in my head).

I got home around midnight, and hit the sack, because every girl needs their beauty sleep before...DISNEYLAND!!!

It seemed really odd that I was just going to Disneyland like no big deal, on a weekday, on Halloween, on a train, with my friends. It was all super easy. In America, it is usually planned way in advance, costs loads of money, and I have to take a plane to get there. Nope, lets just jump on public transportation and walk out on the happiest place on Earth.

I was surprised how homesick it made me. Every association in my head with Disneyland is FAMILY, AMERICA, AND FAMILY. But I had none of that...

We all kept having to remind ourselves that we were still in France. It wasn't until pure joy exploded out of me riding Space Mountain that I really started digging Disneyland. It was so fast and fun. I love laughing because it is pushed out of you without trying. Happiness without work is the best kind.

We went on Star Tours, Thunder Mountain, the Haunted Mansion, Snow White, It's A Small World, the Teacups, Indiana Jones, and ended up again at Space Mountain.

The Teacups

It's A Small World made me think of my Grandma Frampton. She always would rave about how that is her favorite ride. And I love the idea of the ride even though its cheesy. Especially since I am so far away. It is a small world, and I just need to remember that in all my travels coming up. 

And we all cheered when we saw America.

The day flew by...literally. Disney just sucks time out of you. Even when we had to wait in mega long lines, we were having fun so it was fine. Like, we waited 90 minutes for Thunder Mountain, but we spent the time going in a circle making up fake future love stories that were completely outrageous. It is ridiculous, but whatever makes the time go by faster. If you are curious, I am going to be the awkward missionary that never adjusts to real life, but I find a man who is willing to go on dates studying Preach My Gospel and converting people.....(oh gosh.....)

Oh the magic of Disney. It sticks in everyone's heart somehow. The only thing that bothered me was the souvenir shops. It's like a frenzy of people all trying to get their hands on Disney stuff. Really, people. Control yourselves...but Disney makes so much money off people it becomes hilarious to watch.

Alice and Wonderland Chair

Didn't buy it...just took a picture with it

 Oh I forgot, Happy Halloween everyone!!! Disney decorated for it, but the rest of Paris doesn't celebrate it. The second we got back into town, it was a normal day. But hey, a normal day in Paris still beats tricker-treating right?


And then a miracle host mom decided to go to Normandy for a day! I don't mean to sound rude, but we get in trouble for being home during the day, and with two papers due next week=TENDER MERCY!!!!

So Friday, I went to class at the Musee Quai Branly, which is actually a museum for all non-European art. Really interesting, and a controversial topic in France.

But I got to come home! I got to take a nap! My first nap! And relax for the first time in my own apartment. Boo ya!!! And do some homework.

Alyssa and I made a pizza out of a box, busted out my birthday sparkling cider and had a dinner for kings. We had such a fun talk and just chilling. We topped off the night with peanut butter cookies and a movie. I forgot what it is like to do normal things. To have a normal living area to hang out in. Or to watch a movie with English words...oh gosh. It's such a good feeling.

Then, I got to sleep in! For the first time! We usually have to be out of the house before our Host Mom wakes up. Wow, sleeping in is great. Then, I wrote another paper and sat in the living room! It felt so great, I can't even explain. Almost as good as Disneyland. You never realize what you have until it's gone. And I haven't had a comfortable home for a while. Man, even writing a paper was an enjoyable experience.

Alyssa and I decided we should keep doing normal teenage things. So, we hung out at the mall by our house. I helped her pick out some cute red jeans, and a black and white sweater. Then, we treated ourselves to an American diner. The signs were in English. It was supposed to be like America in the 50's with Elvis posters all over. They sold hamburgers, hotdogs, ROOTBEER, and milkshakes. What????

I have had neither of those things since I have been here. Ah, we were dying. I got an Avocado Burger with a strawberry milkshake. I almost cried that they had Rootbeer, and I would of bought it if it wasn't more expensive than buying real Beer. So annoying, a 6 dollar can of Rootbeer...I can hold out until America....

I was enthralled with the Burger and Fries....I just ate it like a monster. Every bite was a giant success.

And then came the embarressment...

I looked to my right and these French boys are cutting up their hamburger with a fork and a knife...what?

So I look to my is everybody else...what??

I was dying inside. I forgot that I wasn't actually in America. And I didn't realize that anyone would take the time to cut a hamburger politely with a fork and a knife. I was wrong. The French do. And they look super great doing it....

Man, I have never felt so blatantly American in my whole life. I am just taking this delicious, big, juicy hamburger down, and I can't imagine what everyone must have been thinking. Well, lesson learned haha.

After that we took the metro to the Latin Quarter to wander the streets and buy our last souvenirs. I was proud of my purchases, and hopefully my family likes them....ahh it is really hard actually.

Then, I took a night stroll along the Seine. It was beautiful. Paris is becoming more and more magical. It is something you just have to take for what it is and melt into the scene. Don't come here having expectations. Just let it be what it is, and I think that is the secret to Paris. I think that is the secret to life.

It was so fun to laugh along the Seine passing crazy cool monuments with a glance. It is silent by the river which is nice. All the crazy loud cars and stores and people trying to sell you everything are gone. Just the light against the river, and the leaves changing colors on the trees. Man, I loved living a normal life today in Paris. I loved just chilling at the mall, sleeping in, doing homework, and hanging out in the city. Granted it is a cooler than normal day life, but I won't complain...

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  1. Yes, you figured out the secret of life in Paris. Just let it be what it is. The Beatles could have told you that. ha ha And the best kind of happiness is happiness without trying. So profound. Another secret to life. Stop trying so hard to smile and be happy. ha ha Wow. Your life has come full circle, huh?

    Disneyland and Federer and hamburgers and strawberry shakes and naps. What a great life. That cracks me up that the French eat their hamburgers with knives and forks. Oh, we are so American aren't we.

    Miss you!