Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Last Day in Paris

Today was my very last day in Paris....and I don't know when I will ever be back.

I still remember the feelings I had the first day I got here, and now it is already time to go. I am almost mad that I saw the Seine River, Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower, the Opera, the awesome streets for the last time...I don't know. Everything and anything. Even my metro line. Line 3 has been my life, I have grown pretty attached.

I wish I had something philosophical to say. Something profound. Or knock your shoes off awesome. But mostly, its sad.

I started my day the best way I know how...on a hot air balloon ride. Nuff said.

It was amazing and miraculous. Wow. Paris just is that great.

Then, I climbed the Notre Dame for the last time since it was probably one of my favorite views of Paris to date. It was my first one also. I hang out in that area all the time, and I had to wave goodbye. It stinks because I can never take in how great it is, is the same way I feel about saying goodbye. I can't fully comprehend what my life will be like without all of the beauty...nor do I want to.

After that, we walked to the Latin Quarter to my favorite crepe place last time.

I ate so much food. Ham and cheese crepe with coke. Plus a nutella banana crepe. My favorite...and one girl felt sick, so I ate her banana nutella crepe. You have no idea how hard that is. But I mastered it, and throughly enjoyed my last Parisian crepe. In fact, I can still feel in it my stomach now.

Then, me and my mission friends bought locks along the Seine, and became the most Mormony possible. I dedicated a lock to Nashville Tennessee and locked my heart away for my mission. Haha, if you don't have love, you gotta get some support from religion haha. It was really cool actually, and I realized how soon I will be in Tennessee. My heart is ready for it.

Then, I paraded through the Louvre/Tuilleries area for the last time. Ate a roasted chestnut--tastes like potato and bacon put together.

Hopped on the metro to Trocadero, the best view point to the Eiffel Tower. And BOOM! It hits you in the face. The Eiffel Tower is massive. We sat and watched the sunset behind the Eiffel Tower...once in a lifetime.

The only annoying thing was the stupid people jangling their Eiffel Tower keychains in your face trying to get you to buy them. Don't do it people! Don't support them ahh!!! They don't leave you alone. I just started responding angrily in Chinese and they got so confused they'd walk away....yeah take that! But hey, it's the last time that will happen...grateful for that.

On our way home, Alyssa and I bought flowers for my host mom for our last dinner. We ate Mussels, they are actually really good and I am glad because she gave us a lot. I have never been so full. Holy cow, nutella banana moment. It was really cool because we gave her some gifts and a card, and she just loved it so much. And told us that we reminded her of her daughters. It was just such a cool moment to share with a women that used to be a stranger. But now, she is my Mom-French style.

PARIS!! Will you miss me? Because I will sure miss you. I don't know if I got enough time with you, but I did my best. I learned a lot. And if anything, you gave me the best two months of my life. Don't let me forget it, okay?

Ah,  I am sick that I am leaving this place. Literally, ahh and I just realized I accidentally deleted the photos with me and my host mom. My camera got full and I thought I had downloaded all the pictures. Plus, it takes millions of years to put pictures on the blog. Maybe later guys...sorry! Ah, that is the worst thing. I can't sleep. It's 2 am and I have to get up in 4 hours to leave and catch the train. Sorry, this is the saddest thing. Well, I guess all good things need to end sometime..and maybe my host mom will let me take a picture of her really early????

Au Revoir.....

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