Sunday, November 24, 2013

Italy in a Nutshell

Alright, my internet is pretty crappy at my hotel here in Florence, so I am just going to blurt out as much as I can and put up all the pictures that will possibly load.

So, I left Cassis--(South of France)--on Thursday, and boy was it a nightmare. The town is so small, and I swear not a soul even lives there. Okay, okay, maybe I am exaggerating, but everything in town would close at like 1. What are the people doing all day? A problem happened with the taxi we needed to book, which almost caused me to miss all 3 of my next trains...

1st Miracle--Other girls let us use their taxi first to our first train station.

Then, once we got all the way to Lyon, France we had to switch train stations. Did that. But, a tree fell because of the SNOW and so we had to go back to our old train station. Stressful!!

2nd Miracle--after a crazy detour we landed on the same train we were supposed to be on.

Stepping out in Milan, Italy--SUCH A GREAT MOMENT! I was just grateful we made it there.

I only had a night in Milan, so we went to the Milan Cathedral. It was gorgeous. Milan was super nice and clean, and really modern actually. And the Burger King even had Chicken Fries...I hadn't eaten anything all day except for stupid gummy worms from the vending it's okay right?

Next stop: Venice--

Wow, pulling into Venice over the water. What the cool? A city on water. How does that even happen? I don't know, but I was pretty happy about it. The weather was actually pretty great and sunny. The streets were so small, and it was weird to try and navigate through streets and get to bridges. When you make a wrong turn, you get stuck...because yep...there is water. Ah, the water was really blue.

Just had to take a pictures of these people embarrassing all of human kind.

I started off the day exploring. By the end of the day, I had gone into 5 churches. They are so different than French churches. They are much more wide, with white and red brick vaulted ceilings. And I think they are actually used....that's a funny thought.

But best of all...wait for it...wait for it...guess who took a romantic gondola ride?? This girl. But with two other wasn't that romantic. It was still rocking awesome though. On the water, you couldn't here any sound from the streets. It was so pleasant and peaceful. We were just cruising through people's backyards, with laundry just hanging out the window. Different lifestyle for sure.

Alyssa, Natalie and I

Saint Mark's Square was gorgeous ahhh. Looking out over the water. I just hate how it's such a fleeting moment. I know the second I turn my head to walk's gone forever. But at least I got to see it once right? And Venice is fun and different. Full of tourist shops and full of masks. I have never seen so many masks in my life...and yes, I did buy one just for fun.


I arrived in Florence at 12 noon. Walking with lots of luggage through Italy has been a pain. So much of a pain it is almost a comedy. And it's not so bad for me, but for my roommate. She broke her luggage on the first day in Paris. 3 months ago. Wouldn't buy a new one. She's been dragging it for days around, just scrapping it on the floor. I can't even look at her I feel so bad. And so, she finally gave in to buy a new suitcase. She waited until we were in the dead land of Cassis, with no stores open. I happened upon a cheap luggage and bought it for her because...yes that's all there was. It saved our butts the past two travel days, but in Florence, her luck ran out.

She banged the luggage hardcore against the curb, and BAM! There went her wheels....she had to carry the thing the rest of the way to the hotel. See how its funny??? I had to try real hard.

But we made it to the hotel. And the Florence Cathedral.

This is the ceiling....mind blowingly awesome! I got so lost in it, I actually lost my friends...haha

And the bell tower.

See the bell tower in the back...I went up all 404 painful stairs of that thing. I actually got to hear the bells ring when I was right underneath it. It was so LOUD and BEAUTIFUL!!

And the Academia Galleria.

And got to see the David. Oh..Oh...Oh....that sculpture is PERFECTION. In real life, it is massive. I walked in, and turned my head right and then BOOM!! What is this master piece before my eyes! It is crazy how detailed it is. The veins on the hands pop out, every muscle is flexed. After that, I honestly had no desire to see anything else in the museum. I stared at that sculpture for a while.

From like every angle. I felt so blessed to be able to see such a piece of art. It just knocks anything else out of the park. And it looked so detailed, I was convinced it was real. I could have sworn it was going to turn around and say, "Ciao, Tatum. How are you liking Florence?"

What a day. So much. And you know what is the best thing on EARTH!! ----GELATO.

This is actually my first ever Gelato in Venice.
Holy Moly, not an exaggeration. I feel like I am 5 years old again. I just want to eat more and more and more and more. Yes, I have had a solid 2 Gelato's every day. And when I get fruity flavors, I count that as my fruit for the day.

Plus, I have eaten some Italian pasta and pizza. Pretty darn good. Especially the pasta. The pasta rocks!

Oh and there is this look out point called Piazzela Michelangelo, where you can look out over all of Florence. We went up during the day and night. Breath-taking. Always go up things. I'm literally should win an award for best stair walker after all the stairs I have walked the past 3 months.

While walking up to the stairs..

Italy is awesome though. A whole different country. Way different from France. It is weird that I have been to 3 Italian cities in 4 days....HURRAY for travel! I can't understand anything, so it's always an adventure. But I have heard more American/British tourists speaking English here than any of my travels.

Well, Ciao for now!

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