Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Viva Geneva: Pictures are worth more than words?

I am in the middle of writing an intense analysis of a painting for my Fine Art's class. To stay sane, I am loading pictures in between...which means there won't be too many words. 

And this is what happens when you have to much fun in a Switzerland toy store after being on a bus all night. 

St. Pierre's Cathedral

John Calvin's Chair

Stairs up to the Bell tower

And the SWEET view


Hanging out in the Bell Tower

Worlds Longest Bench

I'm not lying. Serious

A park with real life chess matches...too cool!

Can the water get any clearer? Sheesh!

Ending the day on some pizza!

See that turtle neck...that I look a little funny in. Well, its my host mom's. She wanted to make sure I was warm in Switzerland. 

We decided to take a night walk along the lake.

Green light flashing. Great Gatsby must have been inspired here. 

Really truly a great day. I hope you enjoy the pictures...well, because that is all you are getting. 

Day 2:

Bike Ride anyone?




Somehow we ended up in the botantical gardens. 

Which had it's own zoo!


This is what I call "Finally mastered the bike and now attempting to take a selfie."

I just have to say though..I am the worst bike rider in the world. Even after the third hour on the bike, I crashed into a fence. It was hilarious and I'm not complaining about my Geneva battle wound at all. I got kicked to the back of the bike line because if anyone was behind me they would start laughing too hard. 

Jet D'eau

Day 3:

We had to check out of our awesome hostel. A way better experience than I was expecting. 

Next stop: Gandala ride up a mountain

I hope these pictures help. I am sorry that I don't have time this week to write more. But let me put it this way: I laughed a lot with my friends, saw so many beautiful things, and ate LOADS of chocolate!

Oh ya...and I saw more Swans than ever before. They are everywhere here!

Who woulda thought?


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  1. So fun and gorgeous! You are so cute.

    This is nothing like the Switzerland I saw. It was out in the country. Interlaken. HUGE MOUNTAINS.