Monday, October 14, 2013

Sneak Peak

Alright everybody, I didn't mean to keep you waiting, but Switzerland called...

And when Switzerland calls, you better OPEN the door. Or in my case, take an overnight bus to Geneva. It is a really strange experience to wake up on a bus at 6:30 am and know that you are in a different country. Or at least hope...I am not going to lie...I questioned the fact that I had actually made it there. All 7 of us who went seemed very suspicious off the whole trip. We were a little delirious and I was just praying that I had lead the group to the right country.

Nothing is very exciting that early in the morning after missing loads of sleep. I don't recommend that form of travel, but it's cheap and hey, I TOOK A BUS TO GENEVA!!!

The few first hours are all a blur to me really. I had been given the leadership role. On the outside I laughed it all off, but on the inside I was just hoping that everything would work out. And its scary trying to lead people around a foreign country. All of the girls were really cool and helpful, but I was supposed to know. The PRESSURE....I was thankful it all worked out.

We stayed at a youth hostel and they were SO nice and helpful. Not sketchy at all. Once we checked our stuff out there, we started exploring. I had to get Swiss Francs out. There money is so colorful! I liked it.

Then, I saw Lake Geneva. And behold, it came to pass that the Lake was breath-taking!! Literally, just so calm and clear. You could see straight to the bottom. Yes, it does kick butt on Utah Lake. Everything is just so clean and collective. It was a fun environment to be in.

And there were mountains...OH THE MOUNTAINS!! It's been awhile since I have seen any of those.  I don't know how alive I was at that moment. But I knew that I was loving what I was seeing. It is just so strange to tell yourself you are in Geneva. Every five seconds, "Guys, we are in Geneva" or "We are in Switzerland!" What? I wonder sometimes if I am just crazy and imagining all of this. It's beyond a dream.

The Famous Flower Clock

These are the Peps!

I'm just going to call this a sneak peak, because my eyes are shutting and I want to sleep more than anything! I will post the rest of the trip when I can keep my eyes open. 

Stay Tuned!


  1. So fun! And exciting! And beautiful. Did you see any cute cows with cowbells? Are you rockin' some new skinny jeans? So cute.

  2. Your word verifier said stylema. I'll take that as a compliment. ha ha