Sunday, October 6, 2013

Smile and Be Happy

Okay everybody, you might need some popcorn and you might want to be in a comfortable position because this....this is going to be a long post!!

And can you blame me?? 3 days here is like 10 weeks in Utah time. Seriously, just awesome thing after another.

...Now that you have your popcorn ready, let me tell you about a SUPER OLD tapestry. And by old, I mean, almost a 1000 years old. It is called the Bayeux Tapestry and it tells the story of William the Conquerer, a.k.a the Duke of Normandy. And he ended up storming England after a man named Harold broke an oath with him to become the King. It was way longer and more sophisticated than I had thought to begin with.

Oh ya, there is a whole 70 meters of this thing! 

Then, I hopped on over to go inside of the Bayeux Cathedral that I had seen the night before in the rain. 

I really loved the red doors. 

There was an entrance to go underneath the stage into a crypt. It was really cool to explore this little room, even though it smelt funny!

For the last few hours in Bayeux, the three of us explored some more of the city. 

The Tree of Liberty behind the Cathedral

Hanging alongside the tiny river

Such a yummy sandwich! It looks like a present, and it tastes like one too!!

We ended where we started off....And then got back on the bus!!

And this is where we landed...

I don't know about you, but my eyes were pretty darn happy. 

Mont St. Michel

The town is built up and up, with winding streets that lead you to the top, which is the Abbey. This is a picture of my view from up high. Can you see the shadow?

Oh and fun fact: The girl with the curly blond hair, her name is Bree and was my roommate for the night. Also, she is a hair genius and fixed my hair for the night. 

Gotta love the French! Especially, when my own government is shut down...

At 7:30, we all met up for dinner. Prepaid dinner is the best! 

My stomach was so happy!!

And then, we went outside and it was pouring rain!! And Mont St. Michel was all lit up! Oh gosh, all of us just giggled out of pure joy running up to hang out on the island. 

Rachel forgot her jacket and so I tried to help with my scarf.

Cool little cemetery in the middle of all these houses and different staircases. 

A great night, full of rain, laughter, random streets. I think we just took over the whole town. 

As we were walking back home, I was just frustrated with myself with the good old Tatum problem of never thinking I am doing something good enough. I was staring at Mont St. Michel all lit up and said to my friend, "I just get mad sometimes that I can't take it all in like I would want to."

She just looked at me and said so sincerely and bluntly, "Really? I just decided that whatever I do, I am happy with my decision and my experience."  

And we actually had a really good talk after about it, but it hit me hard. I need to stop worrying about what I am not doing and just be. I don't need to have some crazy deep thought every time I see something. And when I don't, the experience is still worthwhile. I don't need to pressure myself to have a momentous moment ALL THE TIME. 

From now on, I am just deciding to be happy with whatever decision I make. With whatever I see. With whatever I am. 

Smile and Be Happy right? 

And with that, I had a killer next day!

I ate a dang good breakfast, and goofed off with my friends. 

I'm just chilling on top of some roofs. Man, it's so surreal. I get excited just thinking about it. 

I spy a shadow...can you?

This is the look out point at the Abbey the whole town is built beneath. 

The Abbey is so simple, and just a place for the Monks to hang out. I loved how most halls were just filled with wooden chairs and tables. This Abbey dates back to something like the year 1000 or so.

It was such a cool building. Layer after layer. There is a garden that overlooks the city which is gorgeous. My friends and I had the just the right amount of fun with my self-timer. 

Okay, so we get to this door with all this writing and carving in it. And Haley and I get this bright idea. We are alone in this room, let's brand this door with our initials too!


This is our magical door. It will remember us forever!

Overall, I loved Mont St. Michel. Inside and out, it was a mystery of greatness. And we got there just in time because as we left, the crowds came. I am so glad we got to enjoy it with limited amount of people! And on my way out, I was sure to purchase a sugar and chocolate crepe. Don't judge until you have had the things, okay?

I will catch up with the rest later. I didn't even finish. But hey, just let the suspense kill ya and be ready for Part 2 later...If all the movies are doing it, so can I!

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  1. Oh my goodness, I ran out of popcorn halfway through. Too much to comment on. I love the red doors and that the sandwich looks like a present. I love the self timer photos with the cool lighting coming through the cool windows. I love San Michel. I love it all. But mostly I love that you finally figured out the secret of how to smile and be happy. At last.

    LOVE YA! Great post.